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Beer is certainly an acquired taste. Acquired tastes are interesting things. A year ago, I was not a big fan of Beer. I used to drink it, but never thought much of it.

Either way, let me get to the point - I have become a big fan of certain types of Beer.... I refer mainly to the Belgian Abbey Beers.

My personal favourite at the moment is "Leffe Brune" - a fantastically fruity beer with a kaleidoscope of wonderful flavours :-)

For no Reason, here is a quick list of my favourites, in order -

:bulletred: Leffe Brune
:bulletred: Leffe Blond
:bulletred: Stella Artois
:bulletred: Carlton Cold
:bulletred: Carlton Crown

Are there any Beers that tickle your fancy? What is your favourite Beer in the world? What would you recommend I try? I'm sure :iconverero: would have a few suggestions :D


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Personal Favorite Belgium beers are :
-Kasteelbier Donker (translated - Dark CastleBeer (yes, castlebeer is the brandname))

Personally I don't like the normal stuff like Jupiler/Stella/Maes ... it's .. ack bad

Strong beers :D That's the way to do it :)
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I actually had a 'Duvel' a couple of days ago - I'm a big fan, though it’s very very expensive over here.

I haven’t heard of Kasteelbier Donker - I'll have to ask about it at the 'Belgian Beer Cafe'

I don’t mind Stella - but I can’t drink it after I've had one of the really good ones. Stella is more of a Stand-alone Beer.

Thank you very much for your input :-) I'm glad to see some Belgians joined in :D :dance:

Cheers :drunk:

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yeah we Belgians rule when it comes to beer and chocolate...:winner: :winner:
whenever you feel like having a real taste of good beers,come and see us,we'll take you on the beerjourney of your life :)

ps: I own a few pubs myself so... :)
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I agree with you on the Beer thing..... but not the Chocolate!!!! I think we Swiss have got the edge on you guys in terms of Chocolate :-)

Believe me, my friends and I have been planing a Belgian Beer Holiday for quite some time. We'll make it there.... one day.... hopefully within the year.

Cheers :hug:

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Bundaberg Ginger beer nowadays :)
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Well, I've been enjoy a fair bit of that myself :-)

It is a good drop :D
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Hey! Look at that!!! *points* I'm in your journal :nod: *is proud*

Well, as soon as I read the title of your journal I started to think of all the beers I have ejoyed all over the place. And I was really happy to see that you like Stella. That's what I drink now when I go to the US for example. I particularely like it when it's on tap. Like most beers.

My favorite beer here in Canada is called Alexander Keith's Indian Pale Ale. It is brewed at a micro brewery in Nova Scotia. The same way for 130 years. I like it a lot and you can get it on tap even here in Ontario at a lot of places.

I have fond memories of some beers because of the countries I used to drink them in. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway: apart from those mentioned above I do enjoy the occasional pint of Guinness in the winter and nothing like an Erdinger Weissbier (from Bavaria) on a hot summer day. The Erdinger is even fine in a bottle... =D

Aren't we such coffee and beer connoiseurs? :beer:
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Just as expected, you've written up a little essay on the topic. I love it :dance:

I discovered Stella during my European holiday. I was impressed with its fruity and 'clean' flavor. It truly is a top quality beer. I measure all "normal" beers against it, and most don’t come close.

This Alazender Beer you mention intrigues me.... I must try it, if I can get my hands on it.... I'm starting to develop a nice list of Beers here.... there are so many more to try :boogie:

I certainly know what you mean about Traveling and Beer. It was during my travels in Europe that I developed a taste for it - there are so many quality brews on that continent.... they are almost selfish :-)

I've tried Erdinger Weissbier - I only had one bottle and was room temperature when I drank it.... as such, I didn’t think much of it. If I can find some again (probably in Europe) I'll be sure to give it anther go :-)

Thank you very much for sharing your Beer Adventures.... I actually tired a couple of Beers last night that I certainly took a fancy to. They are - Hoegaarden Grand Cru and Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit - Both were fantastic :drunk:

Cheers my Dear, and thanks for dropping by :hug: - I though you'd have something to say about the topic :D

Cheers :-)

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They have Hoegaarden on tap at my favorite pub in Brooklyn. Can't wait to drive back down there when the snow is gone!!!

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While Hoegaarden is nice, it is certainly not my favourite Belgian Beer. I prefer the fruity beers, rather than the spicy ones... but that’s just me.

Have one for me when you get there :D
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I have to admit that I never tried any of the famous Belgian fruit beers. I am always worried that they might be sweet, which I generally don't enjoy at all.
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mmh. I suppose that would be a bit of a problem. Most of them certainly have a hint of sweetness.... but who knows, you may still like them if you tried them.

I'll buy you one once you get to Perth :boogie:


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carlsberg is cool
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Then I shall try it and judge your character by it :-)


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lol :drunk: , I love the "for no reason here is a quick list of my favourite...". I am not into beer

"Acquired tastes are interesting things"- like Vegemite
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Like Vegemite indeed.

I believe the only reason you're not into beer is because you've failed to try a good one :-) There is so much more to them then a bit of bitterness and some alcohol.

I suggest you go down to your local Belgian Beer Cafe and try a "Leffe Brune" . mmmh.... so fruity :P

Cheers :drunk: :hug:

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lol, I'm not 18 yet. Right you are too, I have only had a sip of beer, so I might try more later.


:hug: :drunk:
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Champagne is MY fav :aww: ... but I do like beer..... ;-)
so if you're looking for a part'ner in beer, I'm yours baby! ;-)

My fav is Heineken.:!: :frog:

We do have a fantastic one in the Philippines: San Miguel

Have you ever tasted one?
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No, I've never heard of "San Miguel", but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it :-)

As for you being my drinking partner - I will be having a beer at 8:15 tonight... It would be great if you could have one at the same time :dance: :boogie: :D

Cheers :hug:

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Count on me!! ;-) I'll be having one ! and I'd say: "here's to our crazy but unique life!! " ;-)

Make sure you look for San Miguel it's very good, and if you have one let me know how you liked it .

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I'll certainly give it my best shot.... I don’t think I'll be able to find it tonight, but rest assured I will look for it in future..... and I will certainly let you know what I think of it when I try it :-)

You and I are certainly living a strange parallel at the moment..... I think we'll both be ok, in due time, I'm sure life is just teaching us a lesson :-)
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I'll drink to that!! :hug: ;-)
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