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The Spine of the World

This photo was taken from the summit of Mt Säntis in the Eastern part of Switzerland.

The clouds were pushing in from the right of the shot, in parts spilling over the mountain ridge and filling the valley to the left.

I hope you like this :aww:


aussiepoida :wave:
Image details
Image size
750x581px 111.25 KB
Canon PowerShot S50
Shutter Speed
1/1512 second
Focal Length
10 mm
Date Taken
Sep 17, 2004, 6:13:08 PM
© 2004 - 2021 aussiepoida
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nice pic!
nagyon bejön ! honnan fotóztad?
aussiepoida's avatar
Thanks for your comment.... though I'm afraid I cannot speak Hungarian :-)

All the Best,

dapejn's avatar
simply fabulous pic...
aussiepoida's avatar
Thanks :aww:

I took several shots of this, with various exposure settings, in B&W, Sepia and Colour, as well as several shots I took manipulating the image colours using 'white balance' tricks I have become quite fond of.

That being said, I have a policy of never uploading more than one image of any singular object (except maybe people ;-) ) I had a very tuff time selecting this image :nod:

Thanks for commenting.


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you're always welcome :hug: :)
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My good that is so heavenly, such a stunning photograph I envy the beauty you have experienced and seen. It is stunning.
aussiepoida's avatar
I took a number of different shots from this location... some B&W and some colour. In the end I thought that Sepia had the most dramatic effect :-)

I'm glad you like this shot - its onle of my favourites :nod:

Why dont you pack your bags and go on your own little adventure?


Hell-resides's avatar
I cannot, I wish I could just disappear and travel the world but I am busy with school. One day though, well atleast I hope that I will.
aussiepoida's avatar
I'm sure you will.... I've been traveling since the 1st of May, with no money :giggle: So when you finish school, just make sure you buy a round-the-world airline ticket, travel insurance and a good backpack ;-)

Good luck
Hell-resides's avatar
This may be typical, but I am weak I can no longer open a packet of m&ms I'll probably end up dragging my backpack, and by the time I have finished my studies I will be 28.

I wish I could fly
aussiepoida's avatar
...dont we all.... dont we all :'(
Hell-resides's avatar
Maybe we could, all I need is to find a genie wish for that ability and then poof I will fly
LoSDecLiNe's avatar
aussiepoida's avatar
I'm glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by :aww:
dimentional-intuitio's avatar
oh how embarassing my bullets didnt even work :shame: lol

I can't beleive only 2 favs! that absolutely shameful
aussiepoida's avatar
It's happened a few times now... but I forgive you :aww: :giggle:
dimentional-intuitio's avatar

I can't even beleive this is real! :+favlove:

:bullet blue: Amazing colouring
:bullet blue: Superb font and border
:bullet blue: Good cropping
:bullet blue: No wonder there is a print available
:bullet blue: With photography like this, I hope you are making the most of it and showing your work to photography shops/companies- you could make some money from it as a hobby
:bullet blue: The sunlight and angle on it are perfect
:bullet blue: The exposure is perfect

:bulletred: BRILLIANT Peter, brilliant :):hug:

oh I feel like I have missed so much not being here! This photography is absolutely amazing :D
aussiepoida's avatar
I'm so glad you like it :aww:

This has gotten a pretty good response.. I didnt think many people would comment on this because I have not been online much.

I hope you are well :hug:

iagen's avatar
I would've loved to have seen this in full colour... :tears:

But it is a wonderful capture, Peter, well done. :nod:
aussiepoida's avatar
I never submit more than one photo of any one thing sorry :no: I might submit a more colourful photo of the view in a different direction though... but only if you behave and are lucky :giggle:

Thanks for popping by


arumdamour's avatar
Peter, I believe it's ok if I say it's ...breathtaking!!!!!!!! :omg:

I won't even ask how you got up there and took this wonderful shot!... You know my fear of heights...

Truly a wonderful picture and sepia just made it stunning.

Thank you for sharing Peter. :hug:
aussiepoida's avatar
Thanks you Sarah :aww:

Some things are better kept secret; otherwise some of the magic would disappear from the photo :nod:

I had a very difficult time deciding which photo to upload from this location. I took B&W, colour and sepia shots, and even now I'm undecided... but as you know, I never upload more than one shot of any one thing :-)

Be good :hug:

arumdamour's avatar
Yes I know Peter . :D

You are most welcome, it's really a beautiful picture. :hug: :hug: :hug:
eswanson's avatar
This is really beautiful, i love the tone its in, and the shadows add a nice effect too:) The simple border makes the photo really stand out, great capture:clap:
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