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The Darkness and the Light

Traditionally my work has been 'Nature' and 'Landscape' orientated. Over the last couple of months, I've been experimenting a lot with expressive and abstract type photography. I had varied amounts of success with those attempts at something different.

Either way, I decided to go back to my roots and take some nature shots :-) I also wanted to see I can entwine what I have learnt from my 'moody' type work into my favourite subjects :-)

I'm still experimenting, and there are more nature shots to come. I hope these shots don’t bore the people whom have started watching me for my other work.

Take care everyone.
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Canon PowerShot S50
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1/159 second
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21 mm
Date Taken
Dec 16, 2003, 6:52:31 PM
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I like it:!:
very :thumbsup::!:

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you are welcome Peter^^;
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very nice colours and lighting...
really sensitive
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Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it :-)

Take Care

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Oh this I really like a lot! The way you caught the light in or behind or on or all around the leaves, making it so alive and full of energy and calm at the same time. Beautiful.
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Thankyou. Your feedback means a lot to me. :-)


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this is fantastic! i love how you've played with the light here...capturing the details of the leaves :) love it
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The detail in the leaves was the primary inspiration for taking the photo. I'm glad you noticed :hug:

Thanks for your comment :-)


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:D I love nature photography

I see you are still playing with light :lightbulb: , and very successfully. You chose a nice angle, and I like how you got a close-up. Once again I like the border

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:) you'll always have it

wow, it looks extremely strong for natural sunlight
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:hug: Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

I am rather happy with the lighting... The sunlight was coming through a gap in the fence at the back. The sun was setting, so I only got a couple of minutes to take the shot.

I'm glad you like it :-)


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woah! Poida!!


this is excellent!! the lighting is so perfect!!
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Thank you dear :hug:

I appreciate that you enjoy my little experimental shots :D
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I appreciated ALL of your shots...especially "human" ;)

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:faint: <-- please "revive" me so I can comment on your INCREDIBLY beautiful picture! --> :faint:
aussiepoida's avatar
:lol: That is sooo cute :D

Thanks for your find words.... and I'm sorry for making you faint :hug: :-)
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Well... you are always welcome Peter =)

please, don't make me faint again =p =p ;-)
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Wow, fantastic shot, the lights and the details are great :clap:
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I'm glad you like it. Thanks for your feedback :hug: :-)
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This is fantastic man, really. The focus and depth of field is amazing! Details are magnificent! Not much else to say, wish I had some critizism to throw at you, but lately the work has been gorgeous, really fresh and unique, glad your on my watch.
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Thanks mate :-)

I'm glad you like my work. I try to come up with interesting shots that won’t bore my Audience. You always make me feel that I've succeeded in that regard. Thank you very much for your feedback and encouragement.
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Cool, bt the light onit doesnt look natural, more focused and artificial. That bit in the middle looks like a man saluting to me. One of the round things looks like a head, and the stick bit over it looke like a hand saluting, and the shadow to the left and below the head looks like an arm and the body. Do you agree?
aussiepoida's avatar
I see what you mean.

The light is sunlight coming through a gap in the fence at the back.
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