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Karri in Shadow

This photo was taken in the South-West of Western Australia.

Karri trees grow between 10 - 90 Metres tall. Some of them are used as Fire-Lookout-Towers in the south-west by the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM). I might upload a photo of one sometime in the future.

As you may know, I love light and shadows - so I just loved when I saw the way the light was falling onto this tree.

I hope you like it.
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Canon PowerShot S50
Shutter Speed
1/501 second
Focal Length
7 mm
Date Taken
Feb 28, 2004, 3:26:05 PM
© 2004 - 2021 aussiepoida
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The light and shadow effect is really cool, I like this shot really much :+fav:
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sorry for the late comment, dear. Here's what I'm thinking:

~ your love of shadow and light comes through here, and it gives the picture more meaning than scenery.

~The light and shadow has provided a more diverse and interesting contrast of colours, and the tree is looking really

~The way you've positioned the tree in the picture makes me curious to know what the whole thing looks like!

all in all, spiffy :clap:

aussiepoida's avatar
Better late than never - besides, I don’t expect you to comment on everything I upload :-)

As usual, thank you very much for your kind words :hug:

Take Care

zerocomplex's avatar
The lighting is great, like a spotlight hit the tree at the bottom, very crisp and sharp, a lovely image man :)
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why your sky more blue? your tree more tall and green? i thought i need to go to vocation soon!

very nice shot especially the composition! so interesting!
lambi's avatar
Its odd, it looks almost like there are spotlights on the trees bark.
Lovely blue sky btw
aussiepoida's avatar
Thank you for noticing the sky :dance:

Yes, the lighting certainly was grand - I was pleased.
dimentional-intuitio's avatar
:D just described a kodak moment, common to many photographers. I wonder how old it is

:bulletpurple: This shot certainly shows how near-perfect nature is
:bulletpurple: nice angle, it is good how you also captured the blue sky and greenery at the top
:bulletpurple: yes the lighting is good :), especially how there are two spots on the left side of the tree, as well as the lighting on the skinny tree to the right, and the illuminated leaves to the left of the central tree
--> :thumbsup: again
aussiepoida's avatar
:D Go the Bullet points :dance:

I'm very happy that you noticed the blue sky - I was expecting it to go un-noticed by most people, but most people have mentioned it, which makes me a very happy man :-)

Thank you my dear. Your comment is welcome as always :hug:


dimentional-intuitio's avatar
yay Poida is dancing :boogie:

anytime ;)
tearsoft's avatar
that's a huge sturdy tree! so what do you mean by fire-lookout-towers? they built treehouse that serves like a look-out on some of the Karri trees? :D i like how you place the tree in the centre. sometimes placing your objects in the centre is really nice =) great shot, not forgetting the beautiful sky!
aussiepoida's avatar
The answer to your question is 'yes'. They guild platforms at the top of them. You can get up there by climbing up metal pegs that are drilled into the tree - The go around the tree in a spiral :-) It’s a lot of fun to climb up 75m with very little to help you if you fall.

I'm glad you like the photo.... and I'm glad you noticed the sky. I'm quite surprised that people actually noticed it, even though its one of my favourite things about this shot.

Take Care :hug:

tyrAngel's avatar
The contrast with green and blue is very good ;)

Great shot this one :hug:
aussiepoida's avatar
I'm glad you noticed the blue sky - I was expecting it to get overlooked by most people :-)

Take Care :hug:

tyrAngel's avatar

I'm sorry for my mistakes...

"look at" and "keep on" :p lol
aussiepoida's avatar
:giggle: No need to apologise. I got the message :hug:
tyrAngel's avatar
It's a pleasure to me look ate this type of photos... I love nature.

Keepn on with the excellent works ;) :hug:
arumdamour's avatar
It's beautiful Peter!

The gentle rays of light filtering have a fantastic effect and the tree looks majestic.

aussiepoida's avatar
I'm glad you like it Sarah - The lighting is what caught my eye :-)

Cheers :hug:

websmith's avatar
This looks great Peter, we sure are lucky with the amount of trees we have in WA. Nice peaceful shot :)
aussiepoida's avatar
Thank you sir.... we are indeed lucky :-)
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