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Inside, you're bound to find items from all walks of life, from perceptive poetical pieces, to photographic memories, to personal computer work (including skinning and soon 3D animation and video milestones) and more as I get ideas. :iconthinkplz:

Please feel free to leave any critical feedback or comments on my art and I will get back to you as soon as time permits me. Perhaps further down the line I may start writing commissions for you (mostly) wonderful folks. Please make yourself comfortable while on my page and allow me to say thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your stay! :iconyesyesyesplz:


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Great heavens, has it been nearly four months ALREADY, since my warped wrap-up of 2017?

Honestly I find that hard to believe, but as I stare at the clock on my computer, I'm forced to confront the fact that yes, it is mid-April, the year has certainly reached breakneck speed, and I'm struggling to keep pace as always.

Anyways, for the first time in 2018, glorious greetings to you gallant goombas, AussieDidge here with this bumper 2018 quarterly edition of the Didge Digest; as always presenting the tip-top tiptoe through this tome to tell you the crack, the news, the good word of my life.

For the first three months of 2018, you'll bear witness as always to the ups, downs and all 'rounds of how this year has begun for me, and sadly, I regret that I haven't kept everyone as regularly updated as I would like.

Before I begin, apologies in advance to those who loathe my long-winded language. Given that I'm going to express THREE MONTHS worth of events in one entry, there's going to be details upon details, yet little time to express it all.

As always, here's the rundown of sorts for what I'm going to discuss. For a change of pace, I'm going to detail events by month rather than by category, and go from there. Beginning from January, we have:

- My appointments with Employment Plus on the 15th and 29th;
- Clothes shopping and book buying on the 15th;
- Continuing desires to write;
- Reading and exploring new books;
- Continuing to work at Salvos.

For February, we have these events to sample:

- Continuing my writing, to some actual merit that month.
- Discuss rewards from becoming QTW, and how they've been used.
- Lunchtime and other good times with my family;
- Clothes shopping at Big W;
- A concerning lack of communication on behalf of Employment Plus, especially as I expected an appointment with them on the 14th. 
- Other bits as they come to mind.

Finally, for the month of March, and my personal favourite, we have these:

- Same old shit at work, but changes are happening;
- Continuing lack of communication from EP, as if I've just been cut out of the loop entirely.
- Last week of March, a more special occasion than usual.

Now I completely understand if this is a lot to take in initially, but I'm trying a new format here and hoping to see what works, and what doesn't. Hopefully there's a succinct smorgasbord of sweet stuff to sample, but enough bullshit, let's get to the real shit!

Jammin' January
It sadly grants me no joy, and does my health no favours, to continue discussing the shambled system that's the Australian unemployment scheme.

I'm one of a lucky few to not have financial burdens looming over my shoulder (public universities are great for that, I guess), but continued appointments with my provider, Employment Plus, has proven fruitless so far.

That said, in the months since I joined their team, two particular meetings, one on the 15th, the other on the 29th, stood out as being immensely more helpful than anything my previous provider had ever done.

It was a chance to write and buff up our resumes, with advice coming from a long-time former colleague and one with decades of experience in retail. We all covered those cover letters, the ultimate best-impression document, tips for nailing interviews, and finally, a mock one-on-one interview with the 'boss' himself.

Given that all this advice was free, it was actually useful to hone my writing skills with regards to what employers wanted, how to stand out among hundreds of other, better applicants, and where to get started.

I took down notes, snapped pictures of various slideshows, listened to YouTube videos in-house... Anything to get my career going. The 15th went by quite well, and while I sadly missed out on the 22nd, which was "Marketing to Employers", I got into a mock interview on the 29th.

An interview that for the most part, I surprisingly aced.

So of course that meant more pressure on my shoulders to start finding jobs. Such is the story of one AussieDidge.

Well, after those classes, on the 15th I would walk to the nearby plaza (not even half a mile away) and join with my parents to have some lunch, buy some clothes, and of course, devour more books. In fact, there were two new titles to add to the collection.

As far as clothes went, they mainly focused around tracksuits; nice, comfortable pants for inside wear when I wanted to relax. Even though I struggle for room in my wardrobe (or so my Mum would have you believe), you can never run out of things to wear.

Aside from clothes shopping, book-reading and job searching, my continuing desire to write came to the fray.

I would contribute plenty of answers to Quora, a question-and-answer forum like Yahoo Answers, but greater, reworking dozens of my old poetry, with rhyme and rhythm changes in many cases, and generally keeping the skills as sharp as I could.

Y'know, as perhaps as sad as it sounds, might be that my way with words will determine the course of my life. =p

As far as new books went, I collected a few and read them all recently, they included: 

  • Tanked: How Getting Wasted Helped Shape History; a history of narcotics and alcohols and their significance on various historical events, 
  • Great Australian Scams, Cons and Rorts; a self-explained title on our most colourful characters, their various escapades, and even some bush poetry thrown in for good measure, quite humorous bits too. And, finally;
  • Stupid White Men; one controversial piece from Michael Moore that examined George W. Bush's election of the time and how various problems plaguing American society might've played a part. Written just past the turn of the century, and still a bit relevant now, but of course, there be trigger warnings afoot I'm sure.
In their own ways, I enjoyed all three, but especially the first and second one. Eamon Evans, of Tanked, and Jim Haynes, of GAS (huh, how appropriate a pair) had written some amazing books about Australian culture, human debauchery, and more with great humour and story-telling weaved in. I'd heartily recommend them both.

Lastly for this month, I remained working at the Salvos, where at that point, I was honestly starting to grow bored of the whole thing. I've seen so many people come and go, whether through program ends & starts, or being a giant dick to others, and I've seen nothing change that much.

It feels a damn sight near purgatory, when each task feels the same and you can have good ideas who'll be there on what day. And at that point, it's been a year and change. I know for damn sure that I want to seek new ventures, perhaps self-learn again, and even join a social group or two... Soon, I'll be able to do just that.

Febulous February
As quick as 2018 arrived and begun, it left with little fanfare as February rolled around. What was going to be in store for little old me at this time?

Well, I'll begin by continuing to mention my writing, and it was more or less the same, with a nice little twist added to the mix. As always, I contributed more answers to Quora, reworked another selection of my rhymes, and generally tried to keep the skills sharp in some way.

The neat twist at the end came about on the 24th of February.

So I jumped into Quora as I did and I would check my notifications, my little messages for any comments, meaningful discussions, anything worth spending my time on. Well, I get this guy who's sent a message, named Jonathan Brill.

Okay, what does he want? No-one sends me messages on there...

Well, I open up, and find out that, after less than four months since joining Quora (no, I'm not kidding) I had been named as a Top Writer for the year (in late February, but details, schmetails.)

I was suspicious at first, then in complete disbelief as I looked through the guy's profile for legitimacy, and everything checked out. Far as writing went, it was wonderful to be recognised for trying to contribute valuable answers.

Of course, that excitement died down a little bit considering who else became Top Writers that time; long overdue and well-deserving contributors well before I should've had a chance.

Many years and thousands of answers, compared to my four months and 200 answers at the time.

In addition to such an honour, I would also receive a Top Writer Welcome Package, which involved a free one-year subscription to The New York Times, no joke.

That reward would be worth close to THREE HUNDRED dollars, just going by basic subscription rates. And certainly, various sects of society would have strong, if not spoon-fed, opinions to their legitimacy, but like hell I'm going to complain about such a reward.

So far I've mainly read opinion pieces, but I'm pretty sure I'll tackle actual news articles at some point. It's been good reading so far.

Those good vibes given the stage, I also had lunchtimes with my folks once again, including various dine-ins at a Coffee Club franchise and another favourite restaurant of mine nearby.

We also continued to maintain and track those savings, seeing where our money went. And of course, while we've more or less stayed on top of everything, let's just say that certain annual payments on things can be a real sting in the arse sometimes.

Once again, there was more clothes shopping at Big W, including more tracksuits for yours truly. Not only were they cheap, they were damn comfortable too, and came in three colours; navy blue, grey and black camo.

There was more shopping too, especially where I worked. In among other bobs and bits, I also purchased six lovely drinking glasses, gold-plated, intricately shaped designs, for under ten dollars.

And to think I used to shun shopping in a second-hand store...

Seriously people, it cannot hurt to look. For all the things I've found and purchased there, ranging from old game expansions long disappeared, to wonderful new books, to even leather jackets, I could've saved upwards of hundreds of dollars, saved up for whenever it was needed.

Hell, if I was so desperate, I could probably afford a pair of Yeezys with the money I've saved (on second thought, absolutely not.)

While I've grown ever more certain about my desire to go op-shopping, what had been more uncertain lately is my relationship with Employment Plus.

Assuming things were the same as before, I expected a monthly follow-up on the 14th, Valentine's Day of all days, but as the days crept closer and I kept getting no texts on my phone, I kept debating on whether to call them or not.

In the end, since I was still getting fortnightly payments, and heard nothing of losing or having them affected, I just let it be.

To say the least, I'm still as confused as ever with these guys, and I can assure that, if it weren't for their help with my resume, cover letter and interview skills, I'd place them directly level with my previous provider; as useless, pathetic bags of trash.

So February was a month of nice little highs and rather crummy lows, but I guess that's the get-go. Whether March would turn out any better, that was for me to realise.

Marvellous March
March is always marvellous for myself and my folks, especially the month's end, but this year it felt like a very inconsequential month before then.

It was the same old shit at work as always; process some sales, re-arrange clothing racks, keep the store tidy, and occasionally produce new stock for sale, among other minor duties. In amongst this mindless busywork, I have tended to enjoy chatting to various colleagues and customers, trying anything to pass the time.

I'll give it straight... I absolutely CANNOT wait to get out of there. I really like the people working there, and most customers are quite okay, if not a bit of a nuisance due to their constant haggling, but the tasks are so. damn. repetitive.

I kept wondering when it would be over, but of course, asking around work never seemed to grant an answer. There was perhaps only one source to go to...

A source that, again, continued their lack of communication with me this month, almost like I had been cut out of the loop entirely. It left me thinking as to whether I should actually call them up and ask what was going on, or whether to confirm if I had actually finished up or not.

Again, I was still receiving my regular payments, so whether it was wise to get clarity and potentially upset the gravy train, I just wasn't certain. Once again, I erred on blissful ignorance and chose not to get in touch. Not like my provider and I are friends, and even if they were, they'd be awful ones to keep.

So for the most part, nothing really significant happened during the month, outside of your usual retail therapy, good appetites and hard slogs at work, but at the end of the month, we had quite a number of special occasions to celebrate.

On the weekend prior, seeing that we were working on the day, my family got together to celebrate my 26th birthday. And boy, we certainly enjoyed it like it was nobody's business.

On Saturday, we would go to see Black Panther, a movie I was intrigued to see for many reasons, chief among them the majority black cast who would carry a film for the first time I ever knew. First things first, we had some munchies, a little bit of take-away to avoid the robber baron prices charged for snacks at the nearby cinema.

Once that was over, it was time to see the movie. Throughout the two hours or so, I found myself enjoying this movie more and more. Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, two of the most insanely ripped gentlemen I had ever seen, portrayed great characters in King T'Challa and Killmonger, with very unique, somewhat relatable stories to tell.

The visuals were beautiful to watch; from the spirit plane to various on-location sites like Busan in South Korea, and the fights and choreography were definitely something else.

When the main villain was someone you could actually feel empathy for, as his story was revealed piece by piece, and a man who deserved more than what he got, you could partway feel for his motivations. However, his desire to rule and conquer, plunging the world into utter war and destruction, well that could quickly pull you back.

And for the relatively short time he was on screen, Andy Serkis (yes, Gollum of all people) was just absolutely fucking WONDERFUL as the ruthless mercenary Klaue. His manic delivery, gleefully youthful fun and Don-inspired dialogue ('cause that shit be hammy) made him so awesome to watch.

For me, it was worth a solid eight out of ten, a great movie through and through, that proved many things to me. The quality, success and lasting appeal could only improve such prospects for more movies with unique casts like this, and if this was the result, like hell I'm complaining.

We would have an amazing dinner and drinks after the show, and then it was back home to relax. Overall, a great night, one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Barring Sunday for its more usual routine, it was back to work on Monday, when my birthday actually fell. Not much of a particularly special day, but hearing my colleagues' surprise upon reveal and their best wishes made it quite nice compared to other days.

Two days after that was another very special occasion; my parents' 31st wedding anniversary. Yes folks, that's 31 whole YEARS together, not your half-assed 6-month 'anniversary' or anything. Seriously, you could use words like 'celebration' instead. =p

Ultimately not much happened there either, but I think they ended up going shopping, and my Dad, lo and behold, would pick-up the newest Far Cry game, which admittedly featured some really gorgeous graphics of the backwater country town of Hope County, Montana.

And right after that, for the first time I can recall, Easter was falling right at the start of April, rather than two weeks in. So birthday presents, movies, games, family, celebrations and now chocolates... See why I love this month so much? =D

Oh, and in addition, I ended up finishing all of my old reworks, about 70 of them, by the month's end. Since then it has been about coming up with ideas for various poetry books, and I gotta tell ya, it's been a struggle thinking of titles for household items and hobbies... Something tells me it's the kind of thing that won't happen overnight.

Final Conclusions
So unbelievably, a quarter of the year, of 2018, has vanished in a mere blink of an eye. In spite of this, I have made some progress towards certain areas, and intend to continue doing so into the future.

My writing has progressed nicely as I continue contributing answers to Quora, and work on new titles and potential storyboards for my would-be books, but of course, it has meant that other plans I did have; learning to drive, joining social clubs, researching things, has fallen by the wayside. Clearly, need to work on those.

Of course, it would be nice to leave the Salvos and Employment Plus and try to strike out on my own. Perhaps EP have known of this, and left me to do so, and while it has been much harder than I first imagined, I obviously can't give up.

Knowing full well I don't want a repeat of the useless year that was 2017, I would hope that the next nine months of 2018, a pregnant pause if ever there was one, prove to be productive, prosperous and preferably painless (like that's gonna happen!)

To sum up this whole journal, and the 3,000 words and change I've written for it thus far, maybe I am finding a little direction with my life, for the first time in forever. Or, maybe it'll be the same useless chicken chase, and I'll have to think of other plans instead.

But I will find my calling, I will find my piece in this massive jigsaw puzzle of life, and someway or another, I will mark my legacy.

Thank you all for getting this far and reading, I hope to be back with more regular updates, and for what it's worth, I wish you farewell and all the best, wherever in the world you may wander.

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Good morning ladies and gentile men, how would you be on this occasion?

Well, this is it. We've reached a bonkers eight parts in this maddening recap, and 20,000 words later, we've finally approached the end. That could just about be the length of a new poetry book, and I cranked everything out in a matter of weeks.

I'm sure poetry will be a lot more entertaining than my rambling, but thank you anyway for indulging me all the same.

Yesterday, we took a peek into the plunging political world as Donald Trump took on his first year as U.S. President, Australia navigated the rocky shoals with Malcolm Turnbull and company, and we also had secession, breakaways, military coups and much more. It provided a lot of interesting tid-bits, and flat out scary situations, as Trump provided quite an aggressive bluster rarely seen in politics, for better or worse. He would try to bully, intimidate, discredit or all three in some way. Every time he opened his mouth, he invited a form of controversy in one way or another.

As the lowest-polling President, both in recent memory, and across every other president when comparing their first years, his journey has so far been a rocky one. I don't hold out hope that he'll actually serve the country, rather than himself, over the rest of his term and beyond, but that's up to him, his Congress, and the history books to write, not me. You can of course read all about it in my previous section.

Today, as is customary with grand finales of the Yearly Yap, I have to wax prose on how my 2017 went on a general note. The good and the bad, the lessons learned, the progress made... Anything that stands out in some way or another. I also aim to talk about what I look forward to in 2018; what I'm hoping will be a massive year of change for me. It'll have to require mental strength beyond what I've shown, an appreciation for risk and no fear of failure.

But if I don't do anything now, nothing will be done, and I'll be yapping about that at the end of this year... No-one wants to hear that I'm sure.

So sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy this overall reflection of mine. It's my hope to be back next year to tell you all about 2018, and a year of success in waiting.

My 2017, To 2018, and Beyond:
Holy balls, I didn’t think 2017 would be a year of excessive recap and reminiscence, but here we are. More than 20,000 words in, enough for a children’s novel in some cases, we’ve just approached this personal shindig, this final chapter that shall explore how my 2017 went on the whole, what to look forward to in 2018, and what I imagine will happen beyond that.

My personal 2017 was both, as far as career progression went, very underwhelming and possibly positive to say the least. I remained with job agencies for the entirety of the time, first with Sarina Russo who proved utterly useless and pathetic, and then signed with Salvation Army’s Employment Plus from November.

I’ve already had one lesson about resume-writing which proved rather interesting and insightful, but everything else has proven kind of meh at the moment.

Try as I may, if I’m motivated to try at all, job searching has proven a very difficult and consuming task, one that I just don’t have the drive to do after so many hours focusing on other tasks like my work, my writing and whatever else.

However, in spite of those negative news, I took on other accreditations and in addition taught myself about text animation, creating those new milestones for those with Pageviews and Watchers to be proud of.

As far as my online presence went, I wrote down some occasional journals, contributed to question-and-answer websites, and tried my best to make new friends en route to a possible career in an industry of choice.

I took on and played a whole bunch of new, amazing games that gave me hours and hours of pleasure, frustration and fun, but of course took away from my writing, my potential business-in-waiting, and more.

I continued to write stories and poetry, hell, I continued to write in as many ways as I could think of. I joined up on Quora on November of last year, and have already contributed over 100 answers since then, about 1 or 2 a day on average. Maybe I’ll find myself contributing more in future.

I began updating and revising my older works of poetry, wherever I could. Who knows how much I’ll end up writing, but I’m led to believe that, with some new animation skills and ideas about graphics, I could present my poetry as something more unique than simple black text on a green background.

As far as other avenues went, I continued working in Salvos Stores for the entire year, and enjoyed customer interactions, staff events and purchases that tested my skills and abilities to keep up. I met new folks I got along with, and found old friends that came back, as they tried to carve their way into full-time work.

As far as 2017 went, while I took steps in bettering myself and making myself more skilled, it wasn’t a year I could be entirely proud of. I learnt and applied so much, but didn’t take or seek opportunities as they came.

I continued giving my heart and soul to those who needed it, but failed to live for myself. Of all the things I could’ve done, I never sought them out.

I was too apprehensive or unsure of the direction I wanted to take, and as I approach my 26th year on this Earth, that fear and self-doubt is only going to cost me more and more. 2018 has to, for me, be a year that I do a complete 180 on my life. I need to make those leaps, one way or another.

2018 has to be that year. It has to be a year where I grab my driver’s licence, I continue on the path of studying and learning, I join some social clubs to continue my pathways, and perhaps continue looking for work so that I can finally move away from these job agencies, these pinnacles of false advertising and inflated hopes.

Or, I just take the risk and move away from job agencies and government payments period. While I may forgo some okay money in a year, what could I do with the potential 2000 or more hours that I save not going to Work for the Dole and looking for jobs in my spare time, if I even could be bothered?

Let me be clear from the outset that I’m not expecting good grace or anything from pouring my heart out like this (I mean, becoming a lazy, unemployed bum? That’s enough to spark fury in a lot of people.)

But when going nowhere, whether you’ve learnt what you could or have people who refuse to take you further, do you think there comes a time when you have to make that leap of faith yourself?

I have ideas, ambitions and dreams beyond the ordinary nine-to-five, at least in my personal belief, but I have to consider the benefits and costs of everything before I proceed. Risk potential investing money, but gain thousands of hours of potential knowledge to improve myself drastically.

University still remains out of the question for the time being, as the life experiences I could learn are too wide-reaching to ignore. After a year’s worth of learning on the job, taking on skill-building courses and more, I don’t think that opinion will change any time soon.

2018 has to be my time now. I have to make it happen, or else continue struggling well into my adult years.

Either settle for mediocrity, or go for the gold. That’s the story of my life, going into 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally made it! After almost 21,000 words, we’ve actually reached the end of a tumultuous 2017. Countless hours over two weeks dedicated to writing about a year that made 2016, both fucked-up and fantastic, look like a Sunday school picnic.

Needless to say, if you had read through all the way to the end, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your enduring patience and compassion. Your ability to listen to my raving rotgut ramblings deserves some kind of medal, and I only wish I could give you one.

2018 has already seen two weeks cut off with almost unbelievable haste, and I can imagine in no time at all that we’ll be back here, reflecting on those interesting days as usual.

For the last time, until the next time, I want to wish everybody a very safe, prosperous, and above all Happy New Year for 2018 (not to mention very late, either.) May all your dreams become reality, all your wishes come true, and your life blessed with good fortune.

Thank you so much for reading, and once again, this is AussieDidge wishing you well, wherever in the world you may wander.

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TheSkull31 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hi there, Nicholas! How's your new year coming together, and how was your 2017?
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I guess so far my new year's started smoothly, which is more than I can say for 2017.

Of course, 2017 had quite a few positives to go with the negatives... I'm hoping to upload my Yearly Yap to DeviantART soon, with all the details.
TheSkull31 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Professional General Artist
Nice. My 2017 was nice, but it was full of mistakes, almost all of which were committed on my personal end; needless to say, it's been a hell of a year for me in both good and bad ways because I learned from roughly most of these mistakes. My 2017 ended very shitty, though, as my co-landlord's new husband was given six years for a crime that should have gotten him several months, and that's not counting how he was imprisoned all through 2017 in a jail cell and then at Junior's home prior to his verdict and sentencing (Junior is my barber, he's been cutting hair professionally for sixty years). However, my 2018 has started very well as my co-landlord Kimberly and I have agreed that I should spend significantly more time with my other co-landlord John since I come across as being detrimental to her most of the time despite having opposite intentions. I've also lost a ton of weight, but I've also gained about five pounds of it back since the beginning of December, 2017 (back then I weighed 139, now I weigh 144), mostly due to the holiday season's customary indulgence and family get-together sessions; that's much better than my 181-pound frame from March, 2017.
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess I could say the same on my end, like putting too much trust in a particular agency to help me get a job. Useless & moronic, the lot of 'em. Having no motivation to find a job, due to lack of help, and I nearly forgot to mention my dad's seizure last month. Probably the scariest experience I've ever had in a while. :(

That really sucks to hear about that guy; I can only guess that he had to be made an example of or something, but it's awfully harsh nonetheless. I'm wondering if it has something to do with various "Three Strikes" prison policies that the United States tends to have.

That sour note aside, good fuckin' job on losing nearly 40 pounds dude! And in less than twelve months, to boot! Needless to say, I'm quite happy for ya, as it can only lead to better things in future. Keep up the wonderful work!
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What's up, buddy? It's been a few months since we last talked, but I think I have a groundbreaking idea.
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Hey, how ya doin? Certainly been a while, but lately I've been volunteering at a local Salvos Store; sorting clothes, taking out trash, pricing and whatever else. It's a good way to kill a few hours, and get some exercise too. :)
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I recently moved in with my friends John and Kimberly, way back in June of 2016, to live more independently. Now with a bunch of legal troubles involving my friend Kimberly's new fiancé that are being caused by several of our neighbors and my friend Kimberly's fiancé's ex-wife, we are seriously considering moving to Missouri, where it is suggested that land expenses and taxes are much mess expensive. What do you think of that?
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Boy, sounds like quite the aneurysm to have. Those are the kinds of decisions where even the best of us struggle to come to a rational decision, considering all the pros and cons they have to potentially weigh up.

What I think of it is irrelevant. It's a decision that ultimately you have to come to; a decision that, if you go through with it, you'll have to come to terms with both the benefits and the consequences. And, it's something that means taking a leap of faith from what you ordinarily might've taken for granted.

Living more independently will be a hell of a challenge, but if you make it work, day in and day out, there's no telling how much better off you'll be, not only professionally, but personally.

In the end though, you have to make that decision. In this world, no-one can hold your hand forever. They can certainly help, they can certainly advise and caution, but ultimately, you must be happy with what you've done or are about to do.

Can only wish you the best of luck, personally. :)
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Thanks for "LLAMA FOR LLAMA"
Here you are...
100% returned!
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I know it's five weeks late, but happy 24th birthday! :D
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One day late is fine, one week is bordering, but after five weeks I've well and truly got over it. Geeze, if I celebrated every day like it was my birthday, I'm pretty sure I'd just become some obnoxious sack of human manure. :rofl:

Regardless, thank you very much. It's much appreciated. :)
TheSkull31 Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Professional General Artist
I just wish I could have done it sooner. That's my only regret. Nonetheless, you're welcome. :hug:
AussieDidge Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah well, that's life I guess. But if that's the only thing you ever end up regretting, during your whole life, you'd be absolutely laughing. :nod:
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Stopping by to say "Helllllloooooo!!!" :wave::woohoo:
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn it, that's the fifth time these bloody Bible-bashers have been at my door! I'm not interested, go away! :icontantrumplz:

Oh, never mind, it's you. Please don't mind that last thing, I needed to vent. ^^;

How's it all going, mate? Things going good on your end? :)
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, "I'm selling The Good Book, via DeviantART. You have the option of buying The complete NEW and Old Testament together, also have The Book of Mormon, And if you REALLY wanna get adventurous, I've got a beautiful Satanic Bible in hand too! :devilish:"

:icontuxedoplz::icondressplz: HAD to say it! :D Things are well, I'm just announcing that I'm BACK after a LONG delay :nod: I always like to check in every so often :nod:
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Pfft... people actually think I need a Bible to teach me how to be bad. Bitch, it may be the Satanic bible, but I was his GHOST-WRITER! :evillaugh:

Don't go hawking my own books to me, damn you! :shakefist:

Anyway, that's nice to know. Things are getting kind of busy on my end too, with an assignment due this week and a bunch of assignments due, one after another, over the next four weeks. In fact, something like 6,500 words within a week of each other, and a public speaking presentation. (Kill me now...)

But you know better than anyone else... One day at a time. :nod:
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