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WSWG Jack the kangaroo Historian
Jack Wright
Kangaroo Historian
Personal Quote: G'day mate
Age: 175
Gender:  Male  
Orientation: straight    
Species:  Kangaroo youkai 
Abilities: Item Restoration/hammer-space poach 1500 lbs weight limit and 250 cu.ft.    
Birthplace: Australia, Melbourne    
Location: Human Village  
Occupation: collector    
Loyalties: his greatest loyalty is to his collection    
Alignment: Neutral  
Hobbies: Collection of items    
Beliefs: history is the greatest teacher  
General Information
Personality: easy going friendly become very protective of his collection and takes great interest in any item he finds lying on the
ground that isn't suppose to be there
Abilities: Item Restoration/hammer-space poach  
Occupation: History teacher/ item restoration  
Possessions: his trusty boomerang  
Biography: coming from Melbourne he used to be the areas best history teacher, but due to not being
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WSWG Stage 2 The two masked men appear
Suna and Aussie are walking through the forest on their way to where Aussie believed the fortress was located. Aussie was staring at his mini computer trying to figure out his direction, Suna following shortly behind.
A voice was heard in the distance, and two men, both wearing masks, walk out from one side of the forest, one of them appears to have a bandaged-up cut running down his left arm.
“We've been walking for a while now, and still no village. Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?” One of the men says.  
“Two things: One, its been five minutes. Two. were walking in a random direction so how am I supposed to know?”
“Pardon me for being flippant, boss, but I thought you knew where you were going.”
The man looks at his companion and says “I said we would go in a random direction and hope for the best.”
Not paying any attention what was around the next tree, Aussie bumped into the man with no name, causing him to
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The Wolf and Owls base raiding party by aussieanimefreak24 The Wolf and Owls base raiding party :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 0 0 Aussie's WSWG Profile by aussieanimefreak24 Aussie's WSWG Profile :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 2 2 Sturm's Challenge Finshed by aussieanimefreak24 Sturm's Challenge Finshed :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 0 0 remi and flan (youmacon 2013) by aussieanimefreak24 remi and flan (youmacon 2013) :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 5 Plushies!!! by aussieanimefreak24 Plushies!!! :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 4 1 All my anime figures + the prints i got by aussieanimefreak24 All my anime figures + the prints i got :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 2 0 Excalibur (youmacon 2013) by aussieanimefreak24 Excalibur (youmacon 2013) :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 0 Sturm's Challange: Earth Badge by aussieanimefreak24 Sturm's Challange: Earth Badge :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 0 Sturms Challange: Volcano Badge by aussieanimefreak24 Sturms Challange: Volcano Badge :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 1 Sturms Challange: Soul Badge by aussieanimefreak24 Sturms Challange: Soul Badge :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 2 Sturms Challenge: Derp i got Marsh Badge by aussieanimefreak24 Sturms Challenge: Derp i got Marsh Badge :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 1 Sturms Challenge: Rainbow badge by aussieanimefreak24 Sturms Challenge: Rainbow badge :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 0 Sturm Challenge: Thunder Badge yay by aussieanimefreak24 Sturm Challenge: Thunder Badge yay :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 1 0 Sturms Challenge: Cascade Badge by aussieanimefreak24 Sturms Challenge: Cascade Badge :iconaussieanimefreak24:aussieanimefreak24 2 0




United States
im new to all this and wanting to try using waflas

if any suggestion id like feed back on what i can do, also any advice to make the comics better are welcome

wafles help me cause i'm not the best at drawing but i still learning how to use it to

`make comics and movies

My Dna 3.39:Aussieanime:100:191:96:243:120:25:0:0:0:37:16:393939
ok for thos that dont know i played an MMORPG called Shin megami Tensei Imagine and marvelous USA annouced yesterday they going to stop running it so i ask everyone to please help this mmo not be shut down T.T  
please sign up here 
and help save this great MMO 


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