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Spirit of the Dragon- 2012

For the year of the water dragon. I'm a Ram according to the Chinese Zodiac. But I love dragons and this is for the 2012 AvantCard contest.

I decided to make the water dragon a little different to how other people seem to have made him. I've made him a classic European style. And I really hope the water looks like water. I don't draw water very often.

Created on Hot press illustration board with a few layers of watercolours, PrismaColour colouring pencils and white acrylic for the foam.

Thanks everyone!

(c) Stephanie Staub (me) 2012
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Hello good afternoon! Well, I have a facebook page where I see images, videos and everything related to dragons, and when I saw his illustration, it gave me a desire to publish it. Can I publish your artwork on my page by giving the credits and publicizing your devianart?

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Yeah that’s all good
Thanks for asking :)
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just a what might sound like a weird question , everyone says dragons in
truth dont exist. but if you look around the world to every established
colony or group of people, have you noticed that in some way all around
the world , each and every one of them have something or some version
of a dragon. so fantasy or  shared memory? just something to think about
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basically what if we are wrong and dragons do exist and aren't fantasy
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oh, thanks for translating!
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your welcome , its just a burning question in the back of a dreamers mind, how awesome would it be if dragons are real not were but actually exist in real time, every civilization around the world has its own desription and histories of dragons , what if one is right
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ahh stop speaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amazing!! I love your style :D
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How did you fair in the contest?
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Aha i didnt get through but it was fun
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That's all that matters! Still a great a piece.
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You´re welcome ^^
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Hooray for Dragons!  I'm a dragon, on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. The water, I can assure you looks like water to me. But the dragon itself... I don't even know what to say. It's gorgeous, of course, but like, all the detail and stuff. I wish I could draw like that. 
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thanks so much ehe
I'm a Ram but love dragons so very much <3
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Looks a bit similar to my style of dragons...
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Oh my gosh its a beauty!
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