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Fully Coloured Tiger Colouring Book by ausrejurke Fully Coloured Tiger Colouring Book by ausrejurke
Full view is recommended.
I put letters for columns and numbers for rows, if you would like to comment on your favourite design ;)
The size of the page of colouring book is 20 cm x 20 cm and contains one design.
Media used: markers.

I bought a colouring book from Tiger store approximately 4 years ago. At that time, colouring books for adults wasn't really popular (at least here, in Lithuania). Only slightly later they started to appear everywhere.
And all this time I kept colouring this one book. It went with me to internships abroad and helped me to spend time, if I started feeling lonely.
I used two sets of markers in total. Of course, I still have some colours left from the first set (mainly not so popular ones: grey and browns etc.)
Usually I kept choosing bright colours for the designs, but later, when some of the colours stopped working, I understood that even some not so bright colours could look good and even complement bright colours.
Sometimes I would choose colours randomly or ask someone to choose 3 or more colours for the design. But I wouldn't tell, for what I need the colours :D
The main rule of colouring was that two pieces cannot be of the same colour, if they share the side. But some complicated designs have mistakes, because I was colouring 'on the moment' and didn't plan is advance the whole picture.
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September 25, 2017
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