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Teng'fei I

By Ausp-ice
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A dragon I made around December for my grandfather's 80th birthday. He named him 腾飞 (Téng fēi), which can mean something along the lines of "Ascent."

His favorite attributes are air and water, and his favorite colors are red and blue. It was interesting to see how I could interpret such a combination.

Sculpting hair is difficult. As is sculpting a scaled underbelly. And mixing the correct ratio of blue, red and white paint every time I ran out. And then painting gradience. But I think I like how he turned out.

Other shots:
Teng'fei II by Frygia Teng'fei III by Frygia 
Teng'fei IV 
Teng'fei V 
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The whole sculpt within itself is very nice and has great balance. From the mane to the bold and contrasting colors your dragon is both interesting and dynamic. It has a feeling of power and grace, and the overall effect is rather stunning.

I simply wish that the detailing on the mane was carried out to it's entirety- the detailing is strong above the head yet diminishes halfway down the neck. Otherwise, for the nature of the sculpt, the detailing is adequate.

I would suggest before allowing your sculpture to dry or bake (I'm not sure what media you used to be exact), to smooth out the final sculpt with either water( For air-drying clays), or with nail-polish remover (For polymers) so that the final product is cleaner.

In all, I love your Dragon. It's regal, dynamic, and has such draw. The plating from the neck on down is lovely, and I like the lack of emphasis on the wings which really enhanced those other features.
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Vey nice! Love the face!
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I'll also respond to your critique with this same comment.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

Alright, I'll work on my hair sculpting techniques. At this point, I'm simply making the basic shape then pulling the needle-like tool to detail it. 

Ah, that's always been an issue for me! I use SuperSculpey, so I suppose I'll be using nail-polish remover. I never knew that that could be used to smooth out a polymer sculpture. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your feedback. 
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Yep, nail polish remover is my go-to smoother. For small sculptures I generally use a small nylon paint brush and just lather the project up until smooth. It takes a good bit of practice though, so i just recommend trying it out a few times. The only thing you need to watch for is putting too much nail polish remover on. if you do so, no worries, just let the project sit for a few days and it will firm back up. Experiment! And if your not too keen on nail polish remover, just sand your project. Use the smallest grit possible though! Just be sure to use Non-Acetone nail polish remover. Can get it at the dollar store for a $1.
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I see.... Thanks for the help! I'll try it out sometime. Some things are hard to come across if you're learning only from online tutorials.
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Trust me, I know! A lot of the knowledge I have comes from such sources. The funny thing is I could have taken a course in college about all this stuff and learned it all in a few semesters..but alas I took business courses. lol
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Indeed... I suppose it's true that the world is unkind to artists. Many, including myself, place it on low priority as opposed to a different career.
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IMHO, artist like to be exclusive and to hoard techniques. Honestly, anyone can do this stuff, it just takes interest and a desire to do it. In all though, I find the biggest obstacle in the world of art is other artists. Many are unwilling or just don't care enough about others to want to teach or share the knowledge. In short, learn what you can from those willing to share what they can. Its never too late to learn or to teach. 
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Your words ring true.
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