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Flickering in the Night
Chris sits in front of his computer, in the dark, once again. He can't sleep and what is even worse is the internet is down.
The only thing useful that doesn't require internet access is some writing apps, and some porn he previously downloaded.
The first thing he checks, via his mobile phone, is whether he paid the internet bill. He did not, but that wasn't why his internet was down. Apparently, there is an outage in the area. He pays the past due portion, just in case, resets the router a few times, and resigns himself to no internet until it's fixed.
"Well, there goes playing some video games," he thinks.
So he opens up the writing app, and starts to think about what he will say.
He was hoping for some kind of distraction. Instead he has to actually think.
He thinks about what to write.
First he thinks he should write about not having internet, and then he thinks that is boring.
"What about my fear of being myself?" he thinks. Maybe. But that's a whole can of worms. Can't really exp
:iconausland42:Ausland42 17 2
The Reason Why I'm Quiet
Tired and depressed, I silently suffer.
Supposedly people like me. They say I am nice.
But I cannot speak, for fear of the consequences.
I cannot admit failure, for people will think I am incompetent.
I won't be able to get a job or get new clients.
If I tell people about something fun I did or a game I played, they assume I don't do any work.
If I work all day, and fail to produce the result, they assume I didn't put in any effort in at all.
When I do accomplish things, if I talk about my accomplishments, they act like I am boring and arrogant.
I cannot share alternate points of view, for fear someone might get offended.
I cannot fight for the truth to be told without being told to STFU or being called names or harassed.
People are too sensitive and way too invested in whatever they already believe to be challenged in any way.
I cannot share my hopes and dreams without being told to give up my dreams.
I cannot share my emotions without being told to suck it up and be a man.
If I show
:iconausland42:Ausland42 6 0
Just Getting a Drink
Chris had gone to Fuddrucker's by himself for lunch, to order a delicious burger. The Southwestern burger, with Monterrey Jack cheese and guacamole to be exact, topped with pico de gallo and all the trimmings.
As he is waiting for his burger, he decides to go to the soda fountain and get some Dr. Pepper.
As he arrives, he notices that there are two soda fountains next to each other. There is a girl filling up her drink with Pepsi. She is probably in her upper teens or first years of college. He patiently waits behind her silently, and respectfully, mostly looking at the memorabilia on the walls.
She notices him, and abruptly turns to him and barks, "Why are you standing there?" glaring at him like he was some kind of pervert.
A bit shocked, Chris replies "Um, I'm getting a Dr. Pepper."
With attitude, she barks "Then why aren't you using that one?" She motions to the soda fountain not in use.
Chris replies, "Because I want Dr. Pepper, and your fountain has Dr. Pepper, and that one does
:iconausland42:Ausland42 2 3
The Flashing Cursor
It's 4 am. I cannot sleep. So I get up and stare at the flashing cursor.
It blinks.
Waiting so patiently...
I have so much to say...
but for some reason, I cannot say it.
The cursor blinks some more, beckoning me forward, edging me on.
But I do not speak, I do not type...
I stare at the blinking cursor.
and I think of the projects I should be working on, the novels that I could be writing, the websites I could be building, the lives I could be changing....
and I think of the mistakes I have made in my life, the loves lost, the money not made, the missed opportunities, the pain and suffering I have endured, and the regrets, oh, the regrets.
It's frustrating when you know you messed up, and you're not sure where to go next.
And so the cursor blinks.
And I stare.
I stare at the endless possibilities of the flashing cursor.
It's like staring into infinity.
And I think...
"What shall I create from these ashes? What will my legacy be?"
The cursor flashes at
:iconausland42:Ausland42 3 3
Requirements to Be Met Before Having Sex
In Colonie Porticia, the leadership of the colony created a document defining proper sexual conduct that everyone in the colony is required to read and sign. Even though consensual sex and many fetishes are not taboo in their society, there still are some very strict rules.
Code of Sexual Conduct
All of the following criteria must be met before engaging in sexual activity with another person. Having only one or some of the criteria met is not sufficient. ALL criteria must be met before engaging in any sexual activity.
1. Physical Readiness
All participants in sexual activity, of any kind, must be physically ready for sex, meaning that they must have reached puberty and be sexually mature. This includes being healthy enough for sex, regardless of age.
This also means they are conscious and able to make decisions. Someone unconscious or too intoxicated to make decisions, regardless of age, is not physically ready for sex.
2. Mental Readine
:iconausland42:Ausland42 2 0
Colonie Porticia Flag by Ausland42 Colonie Porticia Flag :iconausland42:Ausland42 3 2
Words. Broken.
The flashing cursor calls to me to reply,
but I stare at it wondering what the perfect words would be,
trying to describe this feeling that cannot be described,
of hope,
of despair,
or something that simply cannot be said.
I sit here wondering what to say,
:iconausland42:Ausland42 6 1
The Origins of a Plan
Chris sits in his dark home office bathed in the glow of the dual computer screens in front of him, staring at a flashing cursor on the page.
He gets up and gets a soda from the mini-fridge in his office, and rearranges some of the empty soda cans on his desk to make room for the new one.
He looks around at the nice hardwood desk and office furniture his parents gave him, and thinks how odd such expensive looking furniture must look inside a double wide trailer home. It's dark wood finish barely visible under the light of the large computer monitors.
He thinks of his life so far, and he is not pleased. So many regrets; so many lost opportunities. He can't help to feel like a failure. Mostly because he is a failure.
He lost his tech job because he wasn't buddies with the right people in middle management, and he got replaced by his new manager's best friend. They were jealous he was rising so fast in the company and even went so far as to lie to get him fired. It was one of the only job
:iconausland42:Ausland42 3 0
Mature content
Submit / I Wanted to be a Carefree Girl :iconausland42:Ausland42 3 2
He Deserves What He Gets (Crime and Punishment)
One of the major disadvantages of living in a vault, which is essentially a modern fallout shelter, is there is no place to run, and no place to hide.
Bang, bang, bang. "Colonie Porticia Marshal. Open up!" Bang, bang, bang.
Zach freezes as he hears the police at his door. He knows what he did wrong.
"Peace Officers. Open the door. This is an order." barks the Marshal as one of the constables bangs on the door again.
Zach slowly gets up, wondering how they could possibly know. He hopes this is just another contraband raid.
"Um, coming!" Zach yells back in an unsure tone. He remembers he has a kitchen knife on the counter, and picks it up and looks at it pondering what to do.
The Marshal hears something over his ear piece, and immediately says "417A, 417A." 
The constables nod and position themselves with their batons and tasers ready at the closed door. Firearms aren't really effective inside the vault. Too many metal surfaces to ricochet off of.
The Marshal shouts "Zach, put the k
:iconausland42:Ausland42 6 13
The Pig Vault Universe
The Pig Vault is a story that takes place mostly in a post-apocalyptic world, in the aftermath of a world war. Some of the survivors decide to establish their own deviant utopia in an effort to repopulate the earth, and to fulfill their own twisted desires.
They live in a world where the economics of survival have drastically changed, where advanced technology and medicine make it easier for them to survive, but certain things, like fresh meat and fresh milk, are in short supply. 
They adopt a societal model based on the democracy of choice and free will, combined with some formerly taboo tribal practices such as cannibalism, nudism and polyandry, combined with fetishes for fat and gluttony. A main feature of the story is the geisha pigs, who offer themselves to the colony, both as meat and for pleasure.
The story is organized into chapters, most of which are written as if they were short stories or episodes in a TV show so they can be enjoyed individually without having to read t
:iconausland42:Ausland42 1 6
Mature content
The Geisha Pig Interview and Deflowering :iconausland42:Ausland42 2 0
Morning Whine
Having gotten up early to write that morning, Chris sees that it is almost time for his wife to get up for work. So he goes over to the bedroom, and lays down in the bed next to her. She turns over and looks at her phone to check the time. He reaches over to touch her, and his hand gently caresses her skin.
She half grunts and half whines and brushes his hand away.
He frowns. He can't even get a little affection from her. He hopes it was just because she was just sleepy.
She still had a few moments to sleep, so he gets up and makes his way to the door.
The door hinge whines, and she whines in annoyance in return.
He hears her, looks down at the shadowy floor and frowns again, and leaves the room.
He opens up his journal again. He writes.
:iconausland42:Ausland42 0 4
Mature content
Thinking about becoming a Cream Filled Doughnut :iconausland42:Ausland42 2 7
Red Skies at Night by Ausland42 Red Skies at Night :iconausland42:Ausland42 14 5
Mature content
Choosing Her Geisha Pig Lifestyle :iconausland42:Ausland42 3 0
The submitted works range from tame (13+) to mature (18+).

See the content description for any content warnings, including what type of mature content a particular piece contains, if any. Mature content will be labelled as such. Mature content may contain alternative lifestyles and sexual situations, and include fantasy elements not intended for implementation in real life.

All characters that are involved in adult situations are above the legal age of consent (i.e. 18+). All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


by d2l2

I love the non-standard pose and the expression on her face and her messy hair. Makes you wonder what she is thinking and what she is u...

The colors and background image give the image a unique character and make it feel as if it were a vintage photo. This alone makes it c...

by Runfox

I love the model's portrayal of the character. Especially the serious look on her face. You just feel the emotion through the picture. ...


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August 5th 2004 by MPREVERT
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August 5th 2004 :iconmprevert:MPREVERT 80 17
Yuuko 5 by MinamiShots
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Yuuko 5 :iconminamishots:MinamiShots 123 0
Kneeling by taranisrod
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Kneeling :icontaranisrod:taranisrod 80 14
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Room 216 4 :icontaranisrod:taranisrod 38 6
Pig Transformation Fetish
I'd like to get to know people who share this fetish with humans turning into pigs. 
I personally have a deep fetish with this. I want to be turned into a real pig. Drawing helps feed that craving. I would like to find people to talk to about it. Send me a note, maybe we'll be friends. I'd like to be able to talk to others who share this same interest.
:iconquestionatcorner:questionatcorner 5 41
Enchanted Mud by digitalcirce Enchanted Mud :icondigitalcirce:digitalcirce 168 12 Erotic pose 51 by amelkovich
Mature content
Erotic pose 51 :iconamelkovich:amelkovich 336 10
Ice queen 11 by amelkovich
Mature content
Ice queen 11 :iconamelkovich:amelkovich 141 7
Making A Living at DAZ3D
This was updated on 4/10/19.
Every so often someone asks if this is possible, how hard this is, and how to do it.  I'm writing this journal entry so I can just link them back to it instead of typing the same post or forum PM repeatedly.
I'm putting these down in the order they are usually asked, not in the order I think they should be asked. 
Q: How much money can I make?
A: I make a good living for the Western USA selling in the Daz market.  I have a lightly used car that's paid off and I own my own three-bedroom home in a high-income part of the country.  I also sell at Renderosity and on deviantart, but I would describe that as a "hobby" or "bonus" income; it would be hard to do without it, but it's not what pays the rent every month, either.  For the most part you will make back according to the time you put in.  Only a few top artists get into six figures in American dollars in our market, and they are the biggest names who sell the bigg
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 165 176
Slaughter 4 by Hagunan666
Mature content
Slaughter 4 :iconhagunan666:Hagunan666 61 2
favorite by muaralynn08 favorite :iconmuaralynn08:muaralynn08 11 3
There is a lot of really good stuff here on DeviantArt. Here are some that I find interesting and pleasing. I am mostly into pleasure and consent and beauty, and most of what you will find revolves around that, although there are exceptions. For example, I might favorite a tied up girl because the girl is cute, not because she is tied up.

I am very diverse in my tastes. It ranges from the scenic landscapes, to breathtaking art, to cute girls, to artistic nudes, to cannibalism, and even to gore.

Everything is organized in folders so you can choose what art to be exposed to. Once you are viewing the favorites page, the more innocent stuff is in the folders near the top, and you have to scroll down to see some of the more extreme stuff.

I am a nice guy that happens to be into a variety of deviant stuff. I hope you don't judge me too much. Enjoy!



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Ausland42's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
"I am hidden in the shadows, quietly wishing I had not been a good boy all these years, longing to fulfill my true desires through fantasy and fetish."

An exploration of choices and consequences, love and desires, fetishes and self-acceptance, in a universe where almost nothing is taboo, as long as it is consensual and doesn't harm others. The ultimate form of free will and freedom of choice, so to speak. Although, sometimes these choices lead to consequences that are not foreseen.
I've actually had to do some thinking about whether to call myself a professional or hobbyist writer here on DeviantArt. On one hand, I do get paid to write, which makes me a professional. On the other hand, most of the stuff I submit to DeviantArt are fiction works, which is a new realm of writing I am exploring. So for fiction, that would make me a hobbyist hoping to one day turn professional, I suppose. 
Here on DeviantArt and eventually on my own website, I am exploring some of the more historically taboo subjects of society, such as erotica, alternative lifestyles, sexual fetishes, weight gain, pregnancy, feederism, cannibalism, death fetishes, etc. and blending them into various works of literature. 

A lot of the themes revolve around choices and consequences, and about seeking pleasure, and how that might work in a society where almost nothing is taboo, as long as it is consensual and doesn't harm others. The ultimate form of free will and freedom of choice, so to speak. Although, sometimes these choices lead to consequences that are not foreseen.

Another theme that I try to work in is accepting and embracing your true self and your true body, and accepting and embracing the weirdness, kinks and fetishes of both yourself and other people with love and respect rather than judgement and self-righteousness.

Unlike other literature and art often associated with some of these topics, the focus is on voluntary and consensual acts, and any character who is being forceful, judgmental, being selfish or who tricks people is considered a villain in the story, or at least in the wrong.

It takes some very real, often secret, desires some people have and places them in situations where they could actually choose that as a lifestyle, with all its benefits and disadvantages. And it treats each character as a unique being, knowing that not everyone has the same desires, and what is fascinating to one is repulsive to another.

Some of the pieces are more tame, while others are much more graphic, sometimes with sex scenes or cannibalism or death or something that polite society would find offensive or gross. Even so, I am trying to write the stories so that even if the erotic and gory scenes were removed and just hinted at, the story would still make sense (i.e. saying "he died in a gruesome manner" instead of "she took a knife and put it to her neck and started to...." would still make sense, even though it is much less detailed.) In some cases, there may actually be chapters that could be skipped for the faint of heart.

Since many of the topics are meant for adults, in the sense that we sometimes talk about taboo subjects, much of the content will be marked as for mature audiences. Content warnings will appear in the descriptions, if necessary.

I hope you will enjoy this journey exploring the some of the taboos of society and the stories of the characters as they journey through a very different world. 

If you like what you see, be sure to favorite and comment. It lets me know what some of the more popular situations and topics are.

And here is the obligatory disclaimer: these are works of fiction, and not intended for implementation in real life. This is purely designed for a mental exercise of fantasy and what ifs.



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Twins Preview II Cover by SoloGeek

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Desert Execution 3 Massacre by SoloGeek
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