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My Resume Design

By Aurrum
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Feel free to download and use as a reference :)

I used Illustrator to do this.
I'm not an actual Graphics Designer/Photographer/Web Designer. It's for an assignment, where we had to search for a job and pretend we were to apply for it and create a folio for it (basically one piece but I did a few) and this Resume is part of my Piece and a Designer. My Job consisted of taking Photographs of Hand bags and small objects and to be able to design and manage content on websites and also to design other things... =/ lol....

hope you like :) Took me a few hours to do.
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Could I get a copy of this template please :)
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With such high Photoshop (as you say in your skill level thingy) skill I hoped for a smoother and better layout design.
Also the typo is kinda fucked up :P

And I give you a tip your website address is soooo long! that none will remember that, you need to pick something that people will keep in thought and something thats easy to remember.

This is like a freaking story with a .com at the end ^^

I'm not trying to be rude to you or anything ( I'am not a hater just trying to help :P )

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No I appreciate it! thats why I put it up on here. I wanna know what everyone thinks. if its shit tell me! seriously thank you! I'll be changing a few of those things tomorrow :)

Photoshop I am good at, but compared to actual professionals I'd say i'm on a scale of 5 to 10.. lol and for illustrator.. i'd say 4.. =/

thank you for the critique! :) appreciate it heaps.
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coolest resume I've ever seen!
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ahah! :D thank you. I'll definitely be making more designs :D
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