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Dedicated to K.P. Shadowsquirrel

Derpy hooves is by my little pony
Happy holidays!
Art by Cosmicscribbles
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she looks like one of my friends 
233757's avatar
haha, cool )))
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(A bit late to comment on here)
I love this picture!
Though personally, I don't like my braces. But Derpy, she makes them work :3
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Nice to have straightened teeth. She might want to get some braces for her eyes next. ;)
Dm4544's avatar
I hope you realize that its the braces make your portraits. They make the ponies' smile so goofy that you just want to wub them. :3
Auroriia's avatar
Really? I never really noticed. I'm a big fan of braces..
Dm4544's avatar
Ahaha, well, your art style is also great. The braces just really make it stand out! You should get with the artist behind [link]
I'm sure the two of you could put all other orthodontists to shame! xD
Auroriia's avatar
D'aww thanks, But K.P inspired me. I'm only in the beggining of art and still have a lot to learn. I'm like 1% compared to him. ^-^, When I create art, I try to make the viewer feel joyful inside and happy.
Dm4544's avatar
Well drawing pictures of ponies being cute is a surefire way to elicit joyous feels. :P
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Haha, that's just too cute! And she looks so happy, too. ^^
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Isn't K.P. who you also got the inspiration for the glasses from?
schneelocke's avatar
Took the words right out of my mouth. :) [link]
Auroriia's avatar
The disco era actually. ^-^
Gariandos's avatar
Fair enough. They were in style back then. xP
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Look at her eyessss eue
omg I love it <333333
MrMickA's avatar
hehe, very nice :)
Cicklefron's avatar
Is that jacket she's wearing a reference to Ed, Edd, n Eddy?
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