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Painting with derpy Hooves

Derpy shall show you How to paint today.
Only problem, it's derpys first time painting landscapes.
And so is mines.

About 2 and a half hours
By Cosmicscribbles
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This is wonderful! You've done a fine job portraying Derpy, and she's done a fine job on that landscape. She's out of sight better at that than I am!
Makenshi179's avatar
Your first time drawing landscapes, at the same time as Derpy's first time inside this very artwork! Now that's an awesome concept! :D
Kerriecat's avatar
Wait...Derpy is quite a good artist...I'm useless when it come to painting...
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Very nice scene.
LivelyInsomniac's avatar
RiffMusicPony's avatar
You will soon unlock the power of painting happy little trees.
astro-shark's avatar
This is AMAZING for your first landscape!
Keep this up bud!
TomFraggle's avatar
This looks amazing! :iconso-awesomeplz:
sevenofeleven's avatar
Both of you did very well for a first.

Keep looking at landscapes and keep drawing landscapes and you will get it.

Looks great.
Shub-Yoggoth's avatar
Derpy is a master painter.
SapphireAion's avatar
That's adorable. XD
I'm horrible about landscapes too,and is why most of my characters are floaty...
BlackQuestant's avatar
a see a good improvement here Cosmic!
I really like the concept, the light and shadows was really worked and stuff!
I want ponit the BG too. It's sample but with your own essence, iit's like derpy was inside her own painting
you earn a fave
MetaDragonArt's avatar
fucking amazing!!!!! <3
SakuraCheetah's avatar
I think you two did a great job on your first landscape :D
RollsRocker's avatar
Quite a cute concept :3
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