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Inner Demons

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I know I said no more Danganronpa OCs but not only did I make yet another character... so did my brother.

The character shown here is Zosimo Segreti, the Ultimate Curse. This character was created by my brother yesterday and I instantly decided to draw him because,,, I love his design. Good baby boy.

More explanation on his general character will be shown in the future but basically, he constantly carries a 'curse' wherever he goes. Whoever he's near will experience almost certain bad luck, and the 'shadow demon' behind Zosimo is a 'physical' representation of his curse. The demon itself is only visible to Zosimo, however, Hikaru (my character) is able to see him. Let's just say it's something to do with Hikaru's ultimate talent...

The 'shadow demon' is stuck with Zosimo until death and plagues his day to day life. Poor boy qwq.
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