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As promised guys, here are some infos about my little project !
       Basically, 'My Head is full of Absurdities' will be a story about 'Brainies', a specie of littles creatures who lives inside our heads and reflect our personality. These 'Brainies' are supposed to be the ones inside my own head but their story is still under development as well as their specie...

I will devellop more about them in the future but for now, let me introduce you to my own Brainies :

Anonyme - MHFA by AuroreMaudite09   Mini-Me - MHFA by AuroreMaudite09  (king)Koschka - MHFA by AuroreMaudite09   Teka - MHFA by AuroreMaudite09
Anonyme - Mini-Me - (king)Koschka - Teka

That's all for the moment, I really hope you will like them 😸
Heya everyone !
To all of you I wish a wonderful and prosperous new year and I hope you had a great holiday season ~ (so sorry to be this late ;^; )

First, I wanted to apologize for being nearly dead on DeviantArt and not showing myself more and giving any news...

Anyways ! I am not only writting this to say sorry but mostly to announce a year full of changes ! In fact, this year will be a very busy year for me because I am currently working on some projects for my friends and also on a brand new story that I want to upload on DA !!!
       Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll be able to post something new here since I'm also preparing for some exams for the end of the semester... Yep, school isn't all funny here either 😥

       I really hope that this project will please you because I really want it to become something for me, it will be full of discoveries since it's my first ever comic that I'll be sharing with you and online !

Anyway, enough talking ! I'll post another journal later on introducing my little comic... Have the nicest day of all !
One of my friend came on DA so please, if you're nice go greet her XD  CarteBancaire  
You can torment her with LOVE !!!!
Just to have some fun too !

Don't be afraid to talk to her, she don't bite !
Also she would be the happiest person if you like manga and/or anime XD
She's french too so ye... i'm gonna go make her turn crazy rn...

also you can call her little flamingo XD it's like that that I like to call her so she'll be pleased XD

N'aie pas peur et approche donc ^w^ :iconcartebancaire:
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So yeah, I got tagged by :iconmonosenpai:
Thanks XD Sweating a little... 
Also I wanted to thank you all for 150+ watchers guys, it means a lot !!!!
Thank you all >w<
I'm sorry I'm not that much active though, I'll come back soon I promise !!!
That's all !
Let's go then Wink/Razz 

1. Tell 13 things about yourself
2. Answer the 13 questions given to you by the tagger (honestly, please)
3. Give out 13 questions for the people you are going to tag
4. Tag 13 people using either : icon playername : or @ playername (remove the spaces and use 'preview' to make sure they are correct)
5. Please do not tag people back, most people are very busy.
6. You can choose whether you want to do questions or tell things about yourself first, but please put the people you are tagging and their questions at the bottom of the entry.

1) 1. I love animals (I can't live without them) !
2. I use to wonder a lot all day long.
3. I've never fallen in love.
4. I laugh for almost anything and nothing.
5. I spend lot of time looking at the night sky when It's Summer~ (and walking with my cats in the fields.)
6. In real life, I'm really shy >-<
7. I'm in a balance between being really optimistic or kind of pessimistic, but I'm more like an optimistic person.
8. I'm ready for WW3... ;^; (I'll save my cats first)
9. I'm a weird person... yes, believe me... I am.
10. My first best friend was a cat Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
11. I believe in surnatural like ghost or others....
12. My astrological sign is Scorpio !!!
13. I love scaring and pranking my friends and family Boo 

2) 1. What is your Chinese Zodiac Sign?
I'm a Sneeky Snake :bademoticon: 

2. Do you have pet/s?
I sure do ! I have two dogs(Gaïa and Kaniss), some cats(Mina, Leïye, Jewel, Luriss and 3 kittens 0w0) and hens...

3. Are you Tall or Short?
Hum... Kinda in between.

4. If you ever got a chance to go to the different world, what world would it be? (It could be parallel world, anime world, game world etc. Or even your own world!)
That's a difficult question... I dunno between one of my world or a world full of wonderful creatures Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow 

5. What is your nickname in the house?
I don't own a particular nickname.

6. Have you ever skipped classes?

7. Would you like to be goody two shoes hero or anti hero?
Hmmm... why not a anti hero for once X)

8. Describe yourself in one word

9. What is your music genre?
I dunno... Don't care, if I like a music I'll listen to it !

10. Half of this questions are searched in Google, Would you believe me? Yes or no?
    Well... yeah ?

11. Daily Routine? 

12. Is your fav. Attribute about yourself physical or non-physical?
Non-physical, my imagination CCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLOOOORRRSSSS! 

13. Do you enjoy this?
Yep ?

3) Questions : 

1. What is your astrological sign ?
2. What kind of films do you like the most ?
3. Do you prefer reading a good book or listening to nice music ?
4. Would you rather save a pet or a baby ?
5. Is your username your real name ? 
6. Are you more of a Fnaf fan or Undertale fan ?(or wich one do you prefer ?)
7. Have you ever read a Manga ?
8. What was your first OC ?
9. What do you think of me ?(lol dunno what to ask --')
10. How many pets do you have ?(or what do you wanna have for pet?)
11. Are you allergic to something ?
12. Why did you choose to come on DA ? 
13. How are you feeling now ?

4) Tagging :


You don't have to do it if ya' don't wan't to.
I just wan't to know you better and also because you're awesome !!!
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Merry Christmas everyone and still Happy Holidays !!!
I hope everyone is doing fine and that Santa came to your house with wonderful gifts X)
I wish a good health and strenght to all of you !

G'bye ~
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Hello everyone !!
So I'm writing this journal because I wanted to do a Q&A for Christmas with my OC's !!
You can ask them whatever ya'want, it begins today and you can ask your questions until the 18th December !
You'll have to be patient 'cause they will answer you after the 18th or maybe a little before ... B-) (Cool) 
Here are my OC's you can ask :

Pixel:  Pixel 2 by AuroreMaudite09
Mélodyne:  Melodyne by AuroreMaudite09
Crystal:  Crystal by AuroreMaudite09
Rubys: Rubys 2 by AuroreMaudite09
Martin:  Martin by AuroreMaudite09
Kiro:  Kiro by AuroreMaudite09
Hamaë:  Hamae T. by AuroreMaudite09

That's all for now !
Don't hesitate to ask many questions(not too many though) !
Don't forget, you have until the 18th !!!

G'Bye Guys !!
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I'm crying of Laughter because of Kaniss, my lil' dog !!
My mom said : "There is a Big cat outside and he was running after Jewel(another of my cat) !"
Then my dogs ran after him but Gaïa (Kaniss' mother)was the only one to come back.
Then I heard a loud noise coming from the attic/loft so I came there and I saw Kaniss !
There was no way that she could have been here, there was only a little hole in the door(the door is outside) and I don't even know how she sneaked in because the hole was so tiny !
So I called my mom to help me open the door 'cause it's extremely hard to open it and my dog got out.
In the end the "Big Cat" was my neighbour's cat and my Dog is a Weird Super Doggie XD !!!

Yes, that's all !!
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Wait what ?!?Whut? 
Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon I have ... 50 watchers :lolwat:OMG !!!
Thank to all of you guys I'm so Happy \(>0<)/ !!!!

I don't know what to say but Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]  for your supportI Love You Emote  and all your:+fav: revamp  Thanks For the Fav {Free Use} and your great work !

Now let me cry of joy Yoshino Icon . 'cause I love you all !!!
You're AWESOME, stay like you are !!! I LUV' YOU ! Heart thanks 
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I just can't handle it anymore !
I HATE my father sooo much to made my family suffer !!!
It's been too long now that I'm hiding it !
He is an ALCOHOLIC and he don't want to admit it !!!
He's drunk again and he is annoying me ...
He always want to hurt my animals, especially my cats and I hate that !!!
I want to protect them all, I want my mom to be happy again, I want my "father" suffer !!!
Yes, I know that it's bad to want that but I want to kill him and all those horribles things that I have in mind but I WONT !!!
I WONT because I don't want to become a monster, a young killer because of HIM !!!
I'll just go to sleep and try to calm myself ...

Thanks to have read this ...
Good Night ...
Hi everyone, Aurore Maudite Cat Print  here !!! I just want you to know that I return to school in three days so I won't post art very often but I'll try to do an effort and connect a day per week for you guys !!!
If I don't respond to your messages I'm sorry, I will do it later and for the ones who faves me and give me a llama Thank You So Much !!!      
Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points Emote Commission for Kitty-Cat-Points :bademoticon: 

Anyway guys,Pusheen Staring Icon  see ya' later hi  and stay :bademoticon:  AWESOME Kit Cat - la :elsiela: :sanala: :myntla: :jamesla: :mayhemla:Fagooplz!!! 

Kitty Wave Grey Kit-Bye -friendly 
I just wanna know if you like my art style and what do you think of it, I also want to know if you like my OC's and wich one is your favourite !!!

Thanks for comments And have a nice Day or Night !!!
Hi everyone, I'm Horror Maudite. I like animals and all, I draw and take pictures and I am french so I am sorry for my english. You can follow me on youtube : Horror Maudite