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Red Wings

Illustration made on computer.

EDIT : for all stupid people how said i steal this pic : i drew this pic !!! and u can see it on my site since march 2002.
And if u have downloaded/useed it on a site without credit you don't respect MY COPYRIGHT. Read my FAQ !
Don't accuse without reason!!!!!!! :pissedoff:
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© 2004 - 2021 auroreblackcat
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This was the first artwork I fell in love with when I went onto deviantart for the first time! I remember adoring this piece so much and it inspired me to draw a lot! It really struck me so hard to see it again after so long ! Thank you for inspiring me all those years ago with this beautiful piece. :heart: 
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me too, she was one of the 1st ones on DA like rann and ippus and kurot :3 and its stupid ppl saying she stole this XD i remenber she even put up the artline for ppl to color this :p
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ahh i forgot about those guys! those were the days~
I remember that too, i even coloured it haha.
so much drama and art theft on this site it's very sad :< 
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I remember seeing this YEARS ago in the Art Arena on Gaia Online and saved it just because it was so beautiful! I never used it anywhere but I finally found the original artist ^^ Yes! Lovely work :D (Same comment will be seen in another picture just to forewarn you :lol: )
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I've been fascinated with this character since 2002. I hate that people accused you of stealing but many more people just simply love your work.
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Omg i've seen this picture for ages and never knew the artist. hehe amazing work =)
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i have seen this picture all over, stolen
i am sorry to see that you had to edit telling people who can not simply read
Submitted: December 15, 2004
it is a lovely piece and the only bright side to being accused means your art is so astonishing people actually wish it was their own...doesn't make it right but in the only bright side that's what i see
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I once printed this out to use for covering a school book, I got it from a friends USB but he couldn't remember where he picked it up from. then I came across it again in a google search.

I think it is a realy nice picture it just looks pretty with the eyes, clothes and hair even the details in the background... I like the wings as well but they seem to be a diferent style.
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Elle est à toi!!!! J'ai vu un dessin d'une amie collé sur son mur, je l'ai pris en photo tellement il était beau. Je pensais que c'était une de ses créations!

J'ai donc pris la photo avec mon portable pour le refaire chez moi suivant mon style!

Est ce que je peux garder mon dessin dans ma galerie si je cite ce dessin et met un lien comme référence??

Quelle coïncidence ça alors!
Désolée, je n'ai jamais voulu m'approprier ce qui était à toi!
Voici ce que j'ai dessiné [link]
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i've had this pic on my hard drive for a few years now, and just now i've come across the creator (i found it on google, don't remember the site), and allow to say: This is beautiful, is a really good pic, and it's a shame people steal your art, is really good and you should have a lot more publicity, or if they gonna post it anyway, at least they should give you the credit you deserve, but try not to get too upset about that and continue your great work, i'm sure one day you'll get the praises you deserve :iconthumbsupplz:
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wow you really are amazing. please share your skills with me! ^.^
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Je l'ai vues de nombreuses fois cette image sur le net, je l'aime beaucoup d'ailleurs, et c'est pas pour autant qu'en la voyant ici j'ai cru qu'elle était volée, c'est stupide. En plus, il y a de la ressemblance avec ton style :)

Bref, maintenant que je sais qui a fait cette image que j'aime tant, je pense que je vais passer plus souvent voir ta galerie ;)

Au passage, je ne sais plus lequel mais j'ai vu ton image dans un magasine de jeu video ou un truc du genre, je sais pas si tu l'as permit ou pas. En tous les cas, qu'on vole une image et qu'on l'expose sans permission comme ca, c'est moche.
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This picture is one of my all time favorits! Thank you for sharing your art. I'm sorry that there are those that thought this was stolen. I have been watching your work for a long time, so I know that is not true. Truelly, you are very gifted, I look forword to your next piece.
a couple years ago I found this image in google.. I don't know why, but I felt in love with it inmediatly xD it's fabulous =D! I ike her eyes, her expression, her hair! xD REally like it
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Wow love the clothes and hair, your really good!
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I just wanted to let you know that I found a copied version of this picture on page 87 of the 2011 edition of Triarco Art & Crafts magazine.
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WTF !? Thiefs again ?
I am tired of these people. It is really a nuisance. =__=
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I bet, wasn't sure if maybe you had given permission but thought I'd let you know anyway!
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I remember finding this piece back when I began high-school (2002), and I drew a lot of inspiration from it. It's interesting to have finally seen the rest of your work, as I stumbled across you while reading Ioish's influence map. ([link])

Great stuff!
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Simply awesome. Makes me think Kamael-race from Lineage 2
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