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My 2 main brushes for photoshop

99% of the illustration above is done with these 2 brushes.
- soft brush for main colors
- medium brush for details

Have fun ! ^_^

Download to save the zip file.

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Oh, I'll certainly try it! Thank you very much for sharing! :sun:
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i will try to use them, they look lovely!!!
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Thankz for sharing ti^^
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Thank you for this! It's very helpful! :heart:
Sorry I meant to ask if the brush labeled as "paiting" is the one for the main colors or the other one lableled as soft?
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"soft" is the soft. 
"painting" is the medium.
great brushes thanks I just have a qestion... is the brush labeled as "medium" the one for details?
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Thank you ^^
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Plus que les brushes, c'est ce dessin en header qui m'intéresse et me plaît beaucoup ! ^^ Il est visible quelque part sur internet en entier ? :) Ou peut-être l'as-tu réalisé pour cette présentation ?
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Il est dans ma galerie depuis plusieurs mois.
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Je suis en train de faire mumuse avec tes brushes, et j'adore ! Merci pour ce partage ! Ca correspond en fait à un style que j'essayais d'avoir depuis un moment sans réussir à trouver la bonne configuration >.<

Ca va me réconcilier avec la couleur sous Photoshop en plus tiens :D
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Tu peux aussi fouiner dans les brushs proposés sur DA, y'en a des millions de toutes sortes. *3*
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Yep j'avoue ! pis ça me changera de la config par défaut de base que je me farcis depuis des siècles :D
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These work in Photoshop Elements 11. Just letting you know.
I am SO GLAD to finally have some decent blending brushes. I hate using Gaussian Blur to get the effect I want, because I spend hours afterward tweaking things so it doesn't look cel-shaded. This should help quite a bit.
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Gaussian blur is an awful tool to blend colors.
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I am aware, but with my pitiful computer, my 'base' efforts must use it, otherwise the individual brushstrokes (with the brushes I've been using) for blending make my computer freeze. I can't explain why, but it happens every single time. Gaussian blur first, then touch-up with a smaller brush, and it does not. 
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Love these brushes! :D
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Is your linework done in Photoshop, or is it drawn in real media and scanned in?
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linework is done with photoshop.
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