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Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena: NOTICE ME SENPAI!

Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter Senpai, why are you hanging out with herrrrr, instead of me"

 emoticon pinkamena "Don't worry Senpai, no one will ever bother US again! :D"

waaaaaaoooooooooohhhh there pinkie pie... goodness... Shock Emote Anais Icon: No 
I keep seeing random videos for this game about this girl obsessed with someone and you kill everyone. :I

It's called Yandere Simulator

Base by:
PawScreen base by Yo-Angie

dA stamp : 'Done with Gimp 3' size2 by MadeInKobaia


Please Credit Properly by taruto
One easy way to credit me :D :
Crediting Me Icon Stamp by AuroraSwirls
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Good nightmares :D
HyperMedic's avatar
im ust gonna pretend thatsketchup... otherwise i get my gun
CashewsInYourMouth's avatar
Don't ignore Pinky or she'll cut you.
LW9510's avatar
HEY MY SENPAI J.. gosh why am i so bad at keeping secrets
H8full1's avatar
Not even scared right now :)
Nightmare-Crystal's avatar

twilights mine pinkie
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more like sennnppaaaai why don't you like me?
kwitt-er's avatar
Oh god calm your tits
FlutterShyyay2002's avatar
Pinkie wants her senpai NOW!!!!
juicyonkey's avatar
Awwwwwwww~ Look how cute you a-
Electr0Kitten's avatar
AuroraSwirls's avatar
Of course!! Enjoy! :D
3jaustin's avatar
Why do I get the feeling she plans to make 'special cupcakes' for her senpai?
AuroraSwirls's avatar
Hahaahahah! Here original recipe! :bwahaha: 
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Now that kind of messed up stuf from her is why she needs to be put in the mental hospital, as much as it pains me to say it. (I mean come on, before the insanity kicked in, she was friends with everyone!)
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Excited LaNora! It's perfect! Love it!LaNora Aurora: Happiness 
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I played that game last week and it is brutual, but cool.
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Yeah! It's an interesting idea of making a game where you are the psycho. I hope they make a story mode :3
pinkiepie123awesome's avatar
I know right! SENPAI NOTICE ME is what I yelled the whole time.
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