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Since my attention span for art right now is non existent thanks to lovely spring allergies not allowing me to look at a screen for long, I've decided to do some speedpaints so I can at least achieve something ;v; I'm just doing whatever comes to mind at the moment. I kept this one pretty dark so that the shooting stars really stand out and also so I can have a pretty desktop background that won't kill my eyes.

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HoodimationHobbyist Filmographer
Please share some tips. This looks amazing!
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EnaxnHobbyist Digital Artist
SO U PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW THIS but someone used this art for the Despacito lyrics video and it has 178M views?????… THEY CREDIT YOU AND EVERYTHING BUT STILL I saw the thumbnail and literally yelled WAIT I KNOW THIS PERSON
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A once in lifetime camping trip with friends :)
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BriMerryHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing! This is really beautiful!
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Art-deWhillHobbyist General Artist
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muzicturbulenceHobbyist Photographer
This is so mesmerising. I've got an idea for you! Maybe you can make one that shows someone saying goodbye as one of them embarks on an interstellar to god-knows-where. Just an idea, loving your art!
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bowtie-pencilStudent General Artist
Stop being so good at scenery, you stop it this instant!

But in all seriousness this is absolutely incredible.
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You're welcome! :)
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CHOBI-PHOProfessional Digital Artist
its so beautiful!!!~ :love: :heart:
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EnaxnHobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE THIS.  I.  LOVE.  THIS!!!! The green ---> blue gradient is so nice I love it whenever you do it it's always so NICE!!!!  The clouds are so good too like so simple but SO GOOD!!!!!!  I love the SWIRL.  AND THE SHOOTING STARS ARE SUCH A NICE TOUCH!!! god you are such a wizard of composition.  and everything shhhh I love your art omg <__<
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Thanks! ;v; Oh man I always LOVE using that turquoise color in a night sky it's always sooo prrreeetyyyyy ;A; And DUDE THOSE CLOUDS ARE SO EASY TO DO. It's the last brush in that cloud pack I made awhile back~ And LOL oh man, I don't even really think about composition. I just kinda do whatever and it just comes out IDK ;v; (I also found a new way to make shooting stars that I really like omg)
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Lawdog-PhotographyHobbyist Photographer
Beautiful paint! Which has just become my background as well...I love the night sky.
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Thanks and awesome! ^^
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L-JamesProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing as always! I hope your allergies start letting up soon 8(
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Thanks! And not likely unfortunately. Not until spring's over usually ;v;
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L-JamesProfessional Digital Artist
aaaa best of luck 8( Hopefully the plants will chill out soon
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amazing :o
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Thanks! ^^
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TheButterfly Digital Artist
Really pretty! Great atmosphere! Hope the dang spring allergies go away soon.
AuroraLion's avatar
Thanks! I do too. I hate spring ;v;
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Blue-StarlightsHobbyist Digital Artist
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