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Returning Home

Inspired by Tom Day - Dreams. Tom Day is one of my personal favorite music artists for inspiration. I always love the quiet moments and the build ups in the songs.

I like my flying sea-life k? xD  Again, more of a personal piece with the meaning and atmosphere. The whales and fish return to the sea, waking up from the dream to return to reality~

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I love your 'flying sea-life' ideas. They're so creative and out of the world but so realistic at the same time. I can't even explain :)
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Can't help but think of Fantasia when I see flying whales...
SwordTiger8888's avatar
Nice! This reminds me of childhood days and pleasant dreams.
Magnificent artwork... Puppy Eyes Emoticon 
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Tom Day is just wonderful!! This is amazing aswell! :)
AstralPhoenix-ARA's avatar
I can tell you like Tom day from your profile pic. The song with that pic is personally my favorite.
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Turquoise/pink/blue and clouds/space are already a great combination, space...well, flying dream whales make it more awesomer.  Yes.
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So beautiful !!!!!!!!!
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I want compose a music for this
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That would be pretty cool! :)
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purely amazing
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I love it. It's even awe inspiring.
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Wonderful work :)
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Wow, this is so majestic. Thank you for creating this beautiful work.
AuroraLion's avatar
Thanks and I love doing nothing more lol! ^^
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This piece of art reminds me of a scene from Disney Fantasia 2000 when a baby whale finds his family and they start flying.I loved that scene,my childhood memories!❤ :D^_^
bowtie-pencil's avatar
you and me both, I love fantasia!
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Your work is so amazing! It almost seems you and megatruh have a similar style with creating these magnificent scenes with bold colors :heart: Do keep it up! :D
AuroraLion's avatar
omgosh! Thanks for the link cuz now I'm going through their whole gallery! It's so cool to see someone with a similar style :heart: And thanks! ^^
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