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Yeah something a bit different to change things up! And I haven't worked on a human portrait in awhile. Obviously directly based off this pic of him. I haven't been actually excited about a Final Fantasy release in quite some time. I've always loved the designs and look of the FF games, but man do I hate turn base battle systems. So when I heard about a FF game using the KH battle system, I'm all over it X3

Also here's a step by step
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This is a really nice drawing of Prince Noctis! You have done an amazing job with the details. Love the background. Really like the nice lighting in this to. I think you've done Noctis very well.
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This is so detailed! you can tell you really took your time in this. You did an outstanding job love this pic
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Holy mother of Art. This. Is. Amazing. Im Dying. dhfidbj
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This is amazing :wow:
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I thought it was a photo taken of the game.
This design is so good that it does not seem a drawing.
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... For afew seconds I thought this was a screencap out of FF :jawdrop: Amazing work !!!
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I didn't know you can draw humans
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Holy shit are you serious?? If FF adopts that style I'd actually play too. XD Shit. Also damn, gurl, this is AMAZING. :D I especially love the hair, and of course as ever, your coats. Your use of texture is always A+++.
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Yes omg! It's suppose to be like a realistic KH with some Dirge of Cerberus esq 3rd person shooter as well. There's also things like climbing on enemies for weak spots, using your environment, etc. Just a bunch of crazy things, so yeah, looking forward to it ^^ And thanks! :'D Man... jackets. Love jackets lol I did get a sweet jacket last year that has the off to the side zipper and everything... so awesome XD
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