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Featured in Mr. Suicide Sheep's Fakear - Song For Jo music promotion!

The subtle game of you against yourself
You’d never change when you can’t blame anyone else
It’s always something, yeah, you can’t let go
It’s a long way back and we’re all ready to go

When you can’t fight the feeling of being alone
You can find all the pieces that lead you home
You can!

Day after day, alone in an empty shell
It’s hard to take, always questioning himself
Risin’ higher, the pressure’s buildin’ up
Keep on trying, neva givin’ up

When you can’t fight the feeling of being alone
You can find all the pieces that lead you home
You can!

Inspired by Chimes - Pieces

Another out of no where just had random inspiration piece. Though it somehow came out very Makoto Shinkai lol

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Nice job 💙
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These clouds and gradients are fire!! I'm new to digital art. Please share any tips will help! The more detailed the better!!!
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Magnifcient and awe inspiring work!
AuroraLion's avatar
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Amazing colors!
Mesmerizing art, really well done. That's also one of my favorite songs :)
slappypig2244's avatar
Amazing design and choice of color, really beautiful
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
I was going to say it reminded me of Voices of a Distant Star, but it's beautiful :D
AuroraLion's avatar
Thank you! =D And lol! I've honestly only seen Garden of Words the whole way through. I couldn't get through any of his other movies I tried out because there's just waaaaaaaayyyyy too much melodrama for my taste. I can only assess any likeness to screencaps I've seen xD Esp with my pic "To the Stars" everyone kept saying "It reminds me of 5cm/sec!" and I could only nod and say ok then cuz I literally had no idea what they were talking about. I didn't even make 1/3 of that movie before I wanted to slap all the characters in the face :'D So yeah, I have no idea with Voices of a Distant Star either ;v;
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
Haven't heard of Garden of Words, was it good? I'm preparing my list of movies to watch for the summer, might as well get informed XD
I heard of 5cm/sec, but never watched it. I think there might be a manga adaptation of that too, not sure XD
The story of Voices of a Distant Star is good. I tried to get through the movie, but the art is not to my liking at all (the backgrounds are superb though, it's the characters that bug me). I own the manga adaptation of it though, made by Mizu Sahara, and I really love it. You can read it online too, the art is pretty good (I like it anyway). And well, it's a bit sad the story, really depends what you classify as 'sad' though, but it's really good IMO, you should give it a try :3

And you're welcome :D (And I totally spam-faved your gallery, sorry >_>)
AuroraLion's avatar
Sorry for sort of late reply. Your comment got buried under other replies lol Garden of Words was the only movie I made it through as the plot stays simple and coherent without too much overbearing narration/speeches. If anything else, it's pretty to look at as the background art is amazing as usual. I'd say look up the plot sometime and see if it's something you'd like x3
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
I will definitely check it out, thanks! X3
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I'm speechless...Love your style, love your work, love everything you do. My only disappointment is not discovering you sooner.
AuroraLion's avatar
Aw why thank you! ;v;
Stobak's avatar
No problem! just ordered a print today. Looking forward to your future work :)
AuroraLion's avatar
Cool I hope you enjoy it! ^.^
As usual beautifully.
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This is so inspiring! Lovely work!
AuroraLion's avatar
Thank you! ^.^
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:iconhappyfellaavatar: Awesomeness!
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