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HMM Battle Cougar



Finally got this guy all finished up~ Not sure if anyone else wanted a HMM Battle Cougar as much as me lol And I also wanted to go out making a very cool villainous looking one. Again, not sure how many people would put the mccougar on their list of top villain zoids lol.

I went over a good bit of the process of making the plastic chunks of the Battle Cougar into a HMM in an earlier journal if you're interested. It's always difficult taking the grade-ups and making them a HMM. I'd say the hardest part was what to do with the legs. How to make them poseable and still have a similar look. All of the grade-ups have odd proportions mostly, big head and tiny body, so I usually just put the head of the grade-up next to a hmm and see which matches size wise. Battle Cougar's head is the same size as Zero's without armor and I wanted to use Zero's shoulder armor joint for the guns too so it worked out. Forgot to photograph that the cockpit still raises and it's actually Zero's cockpit inside the head now, not the original cougar's. Also the zoid core still slides in and out.

WIPs and building:

DIY HMM Battle Cougar (Completed!)So this didn't take too long but I wasn't sure how it was going to come out so I didn't post any WIPS like I normally do. I actually have it all completely painted as well, but my SD card for my good camera broke and I need to get a new one before I can take proper pictures to post a good deviation on. In the meantime I figured I'd just make a usual journal post about it with the unavoidable Chloe bombs.
And speaking of Chloe, she's the reason why this all happened in the first place. For those of you who don't know, Battle Cougar's one of my top favs and I really mean it's in the top 3. I love griffons and I love Battle Cougar's almost organic flow to its design. Well I had my favorite repainted battle cougar proudly standing on a shelf near my computer cuz I was showing it to a friend at the time and it was not his usual perched spot. Both Syerra and Chloe were running around chasing each other per usual and Chloe makes a mad leap onto my computer cart and then shelf at blazing speed

More pics on the tumblr post

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They should hire you. The models for the new series are.. painful.