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Aether Liger

"There are tales of a great ancient city in the vast mountains of Delpoi. It is said to be the last pure city of ancient Zoidians on planet Zi and a utopia of enlightenment. The city has not been touched by the constant surrounding wars, or influenced by the humans of Earth who crashed into the planet on the Globally III. Anyone who has attempted to find the city have vanished without a trace. Not only from the rough terrain, but from the city's legendary guardians. Some have claimed to see the city's main guardian, the Sky Guardian, Æther Liger. The zoid's armor is an unusual metal that shimmers to give the zoid a beautiful glowing aura and blends the liger perfectly into the clouds. The liger and the city it protects are by far the greatest treasures of planet Zi, but of course, it is only a legend."

Æther Liger is my own design. I've updated this one with some changes. Also I uploaded a bigger version this time. My main inspiration was the wild zoids, particularly the wild Liger Zero [link] . His body and face is based off the Shield Liger though. I think you can really see the Shield Liger in the shape of the head ^^

Zoids (c) TakaraTomy
Æther Liger (c) me
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Eat your spark out, Tigerhawk!
May I ask, would you ever try to design this in an HMM model?
Or the Aurora Lion?
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very cool, I would appreciate it if you could see my deviants, especially zoids rev raptor and zoids ez-027h rev raptor heavy
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this looks sick!!(and by sick I mean terrific)
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Could almost call her a Mecha Dragon though im sure those who see it would mistake it for such beautifully well done.
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Please give more expansion to the story please! =9
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woww super wow *o*!
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Wow this is amazing and Aether Liger is so breathtaking. Did you make more original zoids because this is just gorgious!
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my bro says he'd find that beast and tame it. he's in absolute love with him
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That is some beautiful art.
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that is one great looking zoid. i love it
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very nice work.
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I like zoids. :love:
It is wonderful!
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lol i thought that said athiest liger.. Very cool man, looks like a skeleton
AuroraLion's avatar
XD Not quite lol! Thanks! ^^
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