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Published: October 24, 2014
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For the "Designn Magazine Cover Art Contest"

Life and Death
Life And Death2

Superhero Phoenix1

Painting dimensions 7500 x 5400 Display dimensions set to 1600 pixels wide

Each one of these linked in the descriptions has my notes from during while i was painting this. I will be posting a video with all the screenshots, their are a lot. I am so glad i backed up this painting at certain points... i was almost done when suddenly the file was gone and the file along with a shit ton of others... was simply gone as if it had never existed, the only evidence it ever had was the screen-shots i took and the back up i kept in my scraps. I am so glad i backed it up. 

---… When it is finished processing the video should show up at this link. I apologize for the cracked voice. This is an old song i wrote a long time ago, shortly after the birth of my sons. If you know me or at least know why that might be painful for me then you know why that might be something difficult for me to sing. I thought about using a different song but... in the end i didn't desire to do so. 

Dislcaimer: The song and the tune came entirely from my own self. If anyone finds any similarity to anything in existence, it is coincidence. By watching this video you agree not to sue me for any perceived similarities. Their is nothing new under the sun and im well aware how sometimes tunes are similar to one another even if the artists never know it themselves. I am also aware that greedy record companies and artists alike sometimes need that reassurance. I agree not to copy anyone else's work to base my work off of anyone else. Anything 'inspired by' will always give proper credit, if i ever do anything like that. You also agree to accept that i own all rights to my own creations and therefore you have no right unless otherwise specified to ever use my art work with any medium including but not limits to my poetry, lyrics, musical compositions, or my paintings or other art works or crafts. 

I just use the standard 'this is a fan art and not copy right infringement is intended nor do i own such and such character or characters'... type things for the few fan arts i have done. generally its some variant of that even if it isn't that exactly. Just covering my ass.


My new disclaimer. It applies to all of my original creations, designs, poems, etc etc etc... i came up with it after watching some video about how record companies often sue artists and anyone who gains any fame or popularity. While i don't think i will ever gain fame or popularity... nobody wants to deal with that sort of thing. More often than not they leave you alone... but Ive already had some record label ive never even heard of before try to claim my work as their own through you-tube trying to force me to accept having them put adds on my work and profit from my original work(an old blog that used nothing from anything else, not even a reference) using you-tube. No legal action was taken so obviously they knew they were trying to claim work that did not belong to them. So... this is why i typically do not use my own songs. I don't want to deal with greedy assholes. I hope it is clear enough. 

It should be said but the disclaimer applies to any of my work. Of course anytime i use another artists music to the videos their work belongs to them and i agree not to make money off of it etc etc etc... and i don't. anyway... its not funny. Normally big record companies leave people alone unless they are making money off of it and they want a slice of the action. I figure covering my ass is a good way to not end up victimized by those greedy sons of bitches. 


The song, the recording program i use keeps on leaving lil hickups in recordings, so it sounds like 'rest' instead of 'forest' in the first line... but its 'forest'. 

their is a background sound, that is the fan above the kitchen table. The program I used doesn't filter out background sounds at all. 

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Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
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