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How to put on a shihakushou

Wow my first tutorial. Triggered by a "How to put on a BLEACH cosplay" question asked on

I hope it's helpful. If it is, please let me know! (I can't know if no one comments/favs). I'm looking to do more tutorials in the future, so if there's something you'd like to see, lemme know!

EDIT: fixed poor word choices and some sentences they may have not made sense/were confusing.

EDIT2: edit: All right! People have been asking me what patterns I used for this cosplay and where they can find them.

For the kosode (kimono top), I used Butterick B4072 which they don't seem to have on their site anymore. But this =… is what the pattern looks like for the picture reference. As long as it's a top that looks similar to that (model in the upper left hand corner), you should be fine. I extended the pattern length wise as you can see in the tutorial above.

For the hakama, a friend of mine gave me the pattern, but then I lost it. But thankfully someone else linked me to 4chan where they had the pattern uploaded. And since it's probably not there anymore, I have it uploaded here =… for you to download. It's a PDF file and also, it deals with a lot of math, but it works!
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thank you very much for this. but the link to the kosode is not functioniing anymore. i would like to see it. could you make another link?
AuroraCelsius's avatar… I threw the pattern number in google~!
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thank you so much for the tutorial!
i was at such a lost when my rukia cosplay arrived, and then i remembered reading this somewhere before C: this was definitely a life saver ♥
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You're welcome =] I'm really happy to hear that it helped you out!
Awesome! This is super useful for my eventual Unohana cosplay. Thanks! :D
AuroraCelsius's avatar
You're welcome! If you have any questions, please let me know!
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You need a better background :D
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I could have not done the tutorial at all you know.
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Excellent tutorial!
I'm you remember approximately how many yards of fabric you used for the whole thing?
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Thank you! And no, I actually don't. And on top of that, I tend to overbuy how much I need vs how much I actually use. The top parts I doubled in fabric while the hakama I didn't.
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oh this was so helpful, thanks so much!! i just got my bleach cosplay, and when i started putting it on i realized i had no idea how to do this XD
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You're welcome! I'm glad it could be of some use to you. =]
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You're welcome! I hope it helps. =]
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The top of the front hakama should be more gathered like the back is. Also, it really helps to tie string the under kimono so it stays in place (done with real kimonos too).
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that is verry nice i hope you make more like this
AuroraCelsius's avatar
I'll try my best to make more tutorials in the future!
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I hope it XDD
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I'm gonna cosplay Hitsugaya at my first con this august and this will help me alot! Thank you for posting this!
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You're welcome! I'm glad I could help.=]
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