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How to put on a shihakushou



Wow my first tutorial. Triggered by a "How to put on a BLEACH cosplay" question asked on

I hope it's helpful. If it is, please let me know! (I can't know if no one comments/favs). I'm looking to do more tutorials in the future, so if there's something you'd like to see, lemme know!

EDIT: fixed poor word choices and some sentences they may have not made sense/were confusing.

EDIT2: edit: All right! People have been asking me what patterns I used for this cosplay and where they can find them.

For the kosode (kimono top), I used Butterick B4072 which they don't seem to have on their site anymore. But this =… is what the pattern looks like for the picture reference. As long as it's a top that looks similar to that (model in the upper left hand corner), you should be fine. I extended the pattern length wise as you can see in the tutorial above.

For the hakama, a friend of mine gave me the pattern, but then I lost it. But thankfully someone else linked me to 4chan where they had the pattern uploaded. And since it's probably not there anymore, I have it uploaded here =… for you to download. It's a PDF file and also, it deals with a lot of math, but it works!
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thank you very much for this. but the link to the kosode is not functioniing anymore. i would like to see it. could you make another link?