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Thalassa's Farewell


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Star Wars

Star Wars faves

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Dark for Yurecia

D.N. Angel

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Other Fantastic Artworks

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Raziel vs. Death

Darksiders Rule

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Thalassa's Farewell


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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

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Black Rose: Introduction

     I sat down on the roof of the shop.  The cool night wind blew through my long black hair.  I stared out at the mysterious landscape in front of me.  The blood red moon shined down on the misty black lake.  I glance up at the moon with my glowing, blood red eyes.  I stand up and crumble up the black rose I was holding.  I released it sending the petals blowing away into the wind.  The hunger inside me shall burned no longer I need blood.                                            

Favorite Fanfics and Poetry

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Trinity Blood: Forbidden

Trinity Blood

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Ghost Adventures Wallpaper

Ghost Adventures

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Portrait of the Faceless Horror

Marble Hornets

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Daily Paint 1820# Parakite


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Pathways - 280


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Ouran Hostesses

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Cause you are perfect


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How to Create Character Chemistry

Two characters step onto the page and begin to interact. What do they say? How do they react to each other and play off each other? How do they respond when more characters join the party? It all depends on their character chemistry. What Is Character Chemistry? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, chemistry is "the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people." In real life, this interaction happens naturally. But in fiction, this interaction is carefully designed to create a specific emotional state between the characters. The goal of this chemical engineering is to keep readers emotionally invested in yo

Tips and Tutorials

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Gwizdo Hector Studies

Dragon Hunters

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Undertale Universe

Videos and Animations

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Nina vs Solomon

Secret Saturdays

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Diamond is unbreakable OP

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Birthday cake  icon


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Let Us Inside

Scary Things

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Connor Kenway Studies

Connor Conway Assassin's Creed

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Lucky Luke's Valentine

Lucky Luke

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Animatic Insector Sun


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New Sheriff In Town


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Pizza Time Theatre

Five Nights at Freddy's

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