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Future artists
My little brother drew all over my arm with a pen... I'm so proud of him, he is learning too draw :D
Doll repaint 1.5
Hello and I'm back I got this new doll and I'm going to try and remake the First doll repaint because she got ruined but I'm running low ideas if you have any ideas of what I should make this doll look like in a fruit theme please let me know and if you have any other ideas besides the fruit themed I would love to hear them because I have more dolls that will be put into use :D

And I will post some more art and if you have a request for a drawing that is always open and I will be happy to draw anything
Always alone
This is Jane she is a new version of me scrapping the pony ideas and replacing it with this cat character I've created on account that I've been feeling kind of low and usually with emotions I create characters from that and I felt like I needed to remake myself on account that I don't feel like myself so I've created Jane

Now on the happy side I will be making some Christmas pictures tomorrow and maybe post a few if you have a request for or ideas for a Christmas picture I will be happy to draw one even if it's not Christmas related I will draw it for you honestly I'm pretty bored and I need something to keep my mind off of everything around my house so if you have anything you want me to draw I'll be happy to draw it.

Here is song that inspired me to draw this:
Dark Guardian
The "Dark Guardian" what's the project I was working on in my art class it taken me a while and it was supposed to be a little project for an art mural we are working on in my opinion I think it's a bit too dark for my school but my art teacher thought it was okay I thought I put it on here on account I don't really put things on here much like I said I'm trying hard to try and get time to put on drawing paper hope you enjoy it.

To explain what's going on with the little girl I call her Sally is staring at a mural of creepy creature she has found in an abandoned building she passes this building up a few times on her way back home from school everyday she comes by she thinks the painting moves or is in a different position than it was last time the reason I called Dark Guardian is because the main figure which is darker than the others is like a guardian that watches over her and protect her I really haven't thought about it much but I am working on it still if you'd like to meet me to draw more of this I'd be happy to.
Life after Death
Life after death is a picture of them working on for a while sorry I haven't been able to post anything I hope this makes up for it I will be posting more this is just a new style I'm trying out the style is known as pastel Gore a my friends suggested that I should try drawing in a different style so I tried and I think I really like it and it turned out really decent hope you enjoy it
Doll repaint 1
I seen a lot of people like dollightful in hexiton make a bunch of doll repaints I'm not that great with drawing on dolls but I did my best with limited items that I had this is melon I have no idea why I chose to be named her this but I did my best if you would like to see more make a request and I will try and make one.

But right now I'm working on another dog that is a wolf character and her name is wolfy I will be posting a picture of her later bye
Guess I'll go eat worms!
I found the meme a few days ago, and I don't really post much on here, so I bring you a picture of gappie!!- eating..... worms.... i don't usually like to draw "gore" (cause I'm not that good at it) but I drew this. Well, til next time, hope to be back soon on here.

Here's the song:

And here is one of the memes:
Oh senpai~
Me: Look out Isaac you have a stalker
Michaela: why? Is someone trying to hurt MY SENPAI?!
Isaac: **calls Bruno** please help, she's back!
Bruno:.....**hangs up ** he'll be fine.

Inspirational song:

Creator and owner of Isaac:

Hope he likes it!

Oh and about Michaela, she's a girl who goes to the same school as Isaac she spends her time stalking, him following him, and basically being a creep. she has this weird obsession with him and he does not like it, I mean no one likes a scary stalker constantly following their every move and knowing that every action, I mean that's really creepy.

( I thought it would be funny if Isaac had a stalker cuz it sounds funny when you think about it)
Marionette X circus baby
For a old & yet dear friend. Hope they like it.

I actually made this picture a while back as you can see the date on the picture but I never got around to posting it so here it is now it's a Five Nights at Freddy's picture of marionette and circus baby I think they're cute couple that's my opinion though I do not own marionette or circus baby they belong to Scott.
Nikki and author
Nikki and author or both sisters from Kingdom unknown author sister Nikki has been neglecting her. Author feels like that Nikki only cares about work and everything else except for her family author decides to do something drastic the rest of the story is still in a work of progress

here's a song for it:
well author was a young pony and when she was little nopony was happy in her town called gloomvile where nopony smiled or played, she was the only one who liked all those things. Then one day she was chosen to be celetia's new student in the school for gifted pony. But there was one problem, she was a peguses and no unicorn. Years went by and she earned her alicorn horn and wings!
But one day she was banished by celastia. She didn't know why but the look in her eyes that day was not the celastia who made her a princess. She wasn't the celastia who was her friend.
so she vowed to save everypony from being tainted by celastia e one who said she ''loved her little ponies''.  She new there was one other pony who celastia banished, but to somewhere far. Somewhere in space. the only pony who new the truth. the only one who knew the power of celastia's true evil. that pony is princess Luna. So she freed Luna but then celastia's brainwashed student (twilight sparkle) and her friends. Luna had no choice but to listen to her horrid sister but then she excepted her fate.
But Author wouldn't let it be. So she released all the badest ponies Discord, Chrissylis, Sombra, and Terek. But all have failed.
one day she will get her revenge on the princess they think they love. But this isn't the end of her story. just the beginning. new Oc design!!! LOL by aurora003



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haha,that's a secret
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ok , i'm 14, going on 15 this year. i needed to say that. when i got this it said i had to be at least 16 to join. thought i should let you know.




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