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Solitude - Ichimaru Gin

My very first favourite Bleach Character ;_;
I suddenly, suddenly was totally in the mood to draw him. Unfortunately, it was after midnight and my computer was turned off. So I had to delay it.



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This is one of my favorite digital pieces by you. Amazing ^-^:love:

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Your Gin looks somehow sure of himself.. or as he just schemed something really bad :XD:
Impressive work
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This is so lovely~ We really love how you've drawn him, and really like all the details of this~
:iconwolfloveplz: :iconwolfloveplz:

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nice nice nice! :) love that grin
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If you are a Anime/Manga Fan, maybe this would be a great place for you =D
Site: Animanic
Tutorial and Preview
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Gin was my first favourite Bleach character too!!! :iconlainloveplz: I still adore him!
The lighting and colours in this piece are absolutely magical and gorgeous! I love it so much! :heart:
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Thank you very much <3
Ah, the good, old white-haired, silverhaired characters and everything that goes in that direction. I feel so attracted by them x)
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You really are very welcome! :huggle:
I seem to have a thing for white/silver haired characters too! :giggle: Aren't they just so awesome? :heart:
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great! I really love the lighting :3 
come back gin! Waaaah!  
Aurora-Silver's avatar
I didn't follow the series to the very end, but saw a few pics. Nggh ._.
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Awesome!! Really great job
I miss Gin T-T
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I miss this anime so freaking much.
And I liked this guy the moment I laid eyes on him. I knew his personality would be interesting.
I want Bleach back. I miss it... T_T
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I believe there are still sites where you can watch it. But I don't know where ._.
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Oh wow! You did a phenomenal job here! I love how you drew Gin, he looks so badass! 

Gin is a badass.
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He is. He is. *whispers*
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I always liked Gin. He's just so awesome. 
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Es sind ein paar anatomische Fehler drin, aber insgesamt ein sehr gelungenes Bild.:)
Ich mag die Farben, die Komposition und die Pose. Du kannst zu Recht stolz darauf sein.
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Ja, bin ich auch >u<
Bleach Charas haben meist so lange Gliedmaßen, weshalb mir nicht sofort die Fehler auffallen. Schon gar nicht bei Skizze oder Grundcolo, das passiert einfach nie XD
Aber ich glaube, der eine Arm ist komisch...
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Ja, der links im Bild. Da stimmt was nicht mit der Position des Ellbogens und der Länge des Oberarmes. Eventuell ist auch der Ansatz vom Brustkorb zu hoch, aber da bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher. Bin ja kein Experte, was menschliche Anatomie/Proportionen angeht.XD
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