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I will guide You...

Would Aurora be a chinese dragon, she might look like this!
Aurora and a budgie.

Aurora (c) by me. Do not copy or claim!
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WindNoodle's avatar
How beautiful ;///; Like literally, I'm screaming
juju712's avatar
It looks excellent, very calm and relaxing.
Winddancer-Lor's avatar
Ist auf jeden Fall irgendwie gewöhnungsbedürftig. Aber hat was ^^
Schöne Colo (wie meistens), ich mag das Leuchten, vor allem beim Welli an Flügeln und Schweif.
Aurora-Silver's avatar
Danke :D
Das Leuchten beim Welli fiel mir als letztes ein, aber irgendwie wirkt das, was mir als letztes einfällt, am "besten" x)
MayaBR's avatar
Oh der Wellensittich ist total toll geworden
Snark567's avatar
Woah, this looks amazing!
Aurora-Silver's avatar
Lord-Lavrahtheen's avatar
I gotta say, this design suits her pretty well :nod:
I know it's just a hypthetical design, but still it suits her very nicely :D
Aurora-Silver's avatar
Yep. Especially because I often draw her with longer body :)
I was thinking to give her more feathers. But... eh.
Lord-Lavrahtheen's avatar
standar amoutn of feathers is ok, no need for more ;p
still looks great :D
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