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-Gift- Peaceful Sunset

Alternate Title: Your Personal Fluffball~

This is a gift for my very dear friend hardcrowmao because... just like this.
She has drawn so many gifts for me, already. And I want to say THANKS <3

I'm always there for you, when you need me, dear. Remember :3

Mao (c) by :iconhardcrowmao:
Aurora (c) by me

Mao owns the official Cuddle-License to have some REALLY FLUFFY HOURS with Aurora :P

83 by hardcrowmao Traces by hardcrowmao 74 by hardcrowmao

More Love for Mao's Art! :heart:
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Oh my goooood...I can confidently say: this is the best gift in my life! QuQ So warm and beautiful.. I can't stop smiling) Thank you so much, Aurora, not enough words to say how much I love it! You are the best <3 l really need to write you, then I'll be near the computer :>
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I'm so glad you like it >u<
After the many experiments, I wasn't even sure anymore if I can work in my usual style XD

It was spontaneous and I had lots of fun. And I have to say: it won't be the last :P
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Purr~ ^^

I love your latest experemental arts :> But what's wrong with your usual style? :0
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love the epic light and the delicate lines. You're good
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aaaa woa this is gorgeous, the colouring is amazing *__*
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thank you >u< glad to hear so!
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