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The Scare :iconaurora-celest:aurora-celest 0 0
Transformers: Rise of ________ Chapter 7
Rise of ________
Chapter 7
“Mmm,” Blazing Ecstasy whimpered as she placed her arms over her stomach and curled up into a ball. 
“Are you finally in the land of the living?” a familiar voice sneered at her.
“Slag off, brother,” the gladiator mumbled with her back turned to him. “I’m not in the mood to deal with you.”
Anger stabbed though her spark as Forbidden Euphoria fully unleashed his emotions on her.
She gagged and began coughing from the sudden extreme.
Ecstasy felt a small shred of worry before he buried it underneath his resentment and withdrew the bond.
“Alrig—” she dry heaved some more. “Alright, fine!” she miserably snapped before rolling over to face him. “We’ll talk.”
For a few microcycles, the siblings sat in silence, studying one another.
Blaze saw Paradise asleep in his lap, streaks running down her cheeks. No doubt the poor femmling had worried herself to tears.
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Transformers: Rise of ________ Chapter 6
Rise of ________
Chapter 6
Her spark chirped wildly in her chassis and she couldn’t help the tremble that resonated in her thighs.
‘Oh Primus, those fragging lights are too hot,’ she thought to herself, desperate to keep her mind away from the growing sense of foreboding that churned in her tank, ‘I’ll never be able to fight in this.’
The arena itself was small, nothing like the big one where D-16 or that Soundwave. Even the stands hardly had any spectators: very few wanted to see the beginners’ matches, and even fewer bothered to show up on time for one of the first few matches.
“Alright, kid,” the announcer yanked her back to his side, “the rules are simple: winner gets credits, loser gets dings. The better the fight, the more credits you get. Got it?”
He did wait for her to answer before continuing.
“If the fight’s too short, you don’t get slag. If the fight starts to drag, you’ll
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Transformers: Rise of ________ Chapter 5
Rise of ________ 
Chapter 5
In the following cycles, Blazing Ecstasy read all of D-16’s essays, commentaries, and treatises.
Her bleak, miserable life full of beatings, anger, starvation, contrived pleasure, and rape changed. 
“By Primus, you have got to be the most selfish, stupid— gah!” Forbidden Euphoria snarled furiously at Blazing Ecstasy. “There are no words that can describe the sheer idiocy that is you!” he shouted right in her faceplates.
She looked on at him with a stern yet unreadable stare.
Angered by her lack of reaction, the mech roughly shoved her, causing her to fall to the filthy floor with a clang. Blaze gritted her denta behind pursed lip plates, but she still maintained a façade of stoicism.
“Sister, how could you?” Paradise begged tearfully from behind Forbidden Euphoria.
The middle sibling got up, holding back her anger. “I thought I’d just give this a shot; I don’t see what th
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Transformers: Rise of ________ Chapter 4
Rise of ________
Chapter 4
The following lunar cycle, the three of them were lying on the floor of their condemned building with Paradise powered down, and Blazing Ecstasy and Forbidden Euphoria flanking her. Their fractured broadcasting screen flickered aimlessly, still displaying programming despite having lost the attention of its audience.
“Brother?” the still conscious femme asked.
“What is it?” he whispered back.
“How low are our lives when I comforted a sparkling with the promise of oral interface?”
Euphoria shrugged despite lying on his front. “I’d say pretty slagging low.”
She glared away in disgust. “This isn’t fragging right,” Ecstasy growled quietly. “What did we do to deserve this? What did she do to deserve a life where going down on some bot is the best fragging option she has?”
The mech shrugged again and moved to protectively hold his baby sister. “What did Prima do to dese
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Transformers: Rise of ________ Chapter 3
Transformers: Rise of ________
Chapter 3
Blazing Ecstasy and Paradise slipped into the Red Light District of Kaon, holding one another’s servos tightly. “Where’s the patch he’s supposed to work?” she asked her little sister quietly. 
“That way,” the sparkling pointed.
The two keep their artificially-colored optics peeled for the mech they wished to see. Suddenly, arms snaked around Paradise’s waist and lifted her up and out of her sister’s grasp. Blazing Ecstasy immediately whipped around and raised her fist to strike the intruder.
“And how’s my sweet little starshine doing, hm?” the interloper gushed as he kissed and nuzzled the young sparkling’s cheek.
“Primus slag you to The Pit, Forbidden Euphoria!” Blazing Ecstasy cursed her older brother as he tickled the little femmling.
Paradise could only squeal.
“The Pit?” Euphoria smirked as he playfully nipped his baby sister. “H
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Mature content
Transformers: Rise of ________ Chapter 2 :iconaurora-celest:aurora-celest 0 0
Mature content
Transformers: Rise of ________ Chapter 1 :iconaurora-celest:aurora-celest 0 0
Transformers Origins Chapter XXXIV
And it was thus that Ursa Prime sat alone in the humid air of a jungle planet, banished from his family and Cybertron for killing Centurion.
If he wanted to, Ursa could have honestly committed suicide; it’s not like anyone was going to stop him. However, he was scared. Primus had never even mentioned what would happen to any of them should their sparks go dark. As such, death was an extremely unfamiliar and uncomfortable concept for not only him, but the rest of The Thirteen (or rather what was left of them.) Sure, Ursa had killed Centurion, but ultimately, he was simply hoping that wherever the dead went (if there was somewhere to go at all), it would have been better than here. If there wasn’t a land of the dead, then Ursa would happily enter that oblivion. If there was, Ursa would procrastinate that visit as long as possible: he wasn’t sure if he could face Centurion yet.
Gazing ahead at the vast expanse or trees, the beastformer saw a gale ripple through th
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Transformers Origins Chapter XXXIII
Six of The Thirteen gathered around the grotesque corpse of their now terminated brother, Centurion Prime.
“What in the name of the stars possessed either of them to do this?” Alchemist hissed as he glared at the gaping holes that were once Centurion’s optics and spark chamber.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Amalgamous sneered. “They’ve gone mad! Completely and utterly mad!”
“The question is not what, Alchemist,” Liege Maximus looked away from the centaurian mech’s body, unable to bear the grisly sight, “but why? Ursa and Centurion loved one another dearly, so for Ursa to do this, he must have been pushed over the edge.”
“I don’t care why this happened, all I know is I’m glad that he killed him and avenged Sigma!” Altarion shouted, absolutely furious over what had transpired.
“At ease, brother,” Prima placated the Prime of strength. “As distraug
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Transformers Origins XXXII
As they neared Primus, both Prima and Ursa heard the most ghastly sound that either of them would ever experience in their lives. Soon after the screech of agony faded, sickening laughter rang through the very core of Cybertron. With a snarl, Ursa ran even faster to the sources of the sound, ignoring the pain shooting through his broken knuckles.
 “… me now, brother?” the demented voice of Centurion greeted the two as they neared their father’s helm.
 “Yes, yes, I believe you now!” screamed Sigma in great pain.
 The scene that Prima and Ursa ran into was nothing short of horrifying.
 “Hello!” a cheery Centurion smiled as his brothers came in running.
 “By the stars,” a stunned Ursa murmured as he froze.
 Not wasting any time, Prima dismounted the beastformer and ran to where Sigma was hunched over on the ground and clutching his faceplates. “Sigma, what—?” He recoiled in shock as
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happy anniversary
we were driving in my car. 
'so what are we celebrating?' he asked.
i gave an exasperated sigh. "oh christ. that prophetic cliché has come to fruition." 'we talked about this a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, aaron,' i answered with a warning tone. 'guess.'
he was silent for a moment as he pulled out on to the main road. 'our six month anniversary, right?'
i quietly breathed a sigh of relief. 'yep! i'm surprised we made it this far.'
'same here.'
i looked out the window and watched the dull orange street lights flash by. a dumb smile lit my face. 'do you remember our first date?'
'it was pretty bad, wasn't it?'
'mhmm,' he nodded. 'you didn't even look or talk to me. you just basically ignored me.'
'i was shy, not ignoring you!' i giggled girlishly. 'i'm surprised you even asked me out  again.'
he shrugged. 'well yeah, i kinda had to because we hardly interacted.'
'we went to the cinema on our second date, right?'
he hesitated, trying to remember
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'we should have stuck to the main road,' either him or i sighed as it became increasingly apparent that this "shortcut" was more time-consuming than the conventional way.
'yep,' the other agreed as we gazed at the inconsolable traffic.
the dog whined yet again, antsy to go home.
'be quiet, coco,' i intoned to her, bored out of my skull.
'crap, are we going the right way?' he asked, half to himself, half to me.
'yep. the sign we just passed said we're on our way.'
aaron drove on and we either attempted paltry conversation to ease the monotony, or we didn't. i can't remember the experience verbatim. 
'which way do i go?' he wondered as we came to a fork. he merged left before i could answer.
'actually, we're supposed to go right, but whatever,' i shrugged. 'this place is just one big circle, so we'll get there regardless.'
he continued driving.
i gazed at the familiar landmarks that i've driven past these last two years. 
'i drive through here all the time,' i smiled
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beef stew recipe
last night, i totally entered full-blown panic mode because i invited my boyfriend to my place (to offer him respite from the bitter wind outside) and i didn't know what to cook or if i had the sufficient amount of ingredients for anything. thank god i proved myself wrong. 
ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, i made beef stew. no need to be so modest, my (nonexistent) audience; you may bow.
-beef (whichever part and however much you want, but i used ground chuck pieces)
-cooking oil (whichever type and however much you need)
-chopped onion (however much you want)
-shredded plantain (the thicker you want the stew, the more you shred. i made about 1.5 quarts (roughly 1.5 liters) of stew, so i used a third of one) 
-potatoes (however much you want)
-celery (however much you want)
-carrot(s) (however much you want)
-tomato sauce or paste (whichever one you have and however much you want. i wound up using pasta sauce)
-a salty seas
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These squiggles are a part of me, however amazing/mundane that seems, but these little curves and lines and dots serve as my memory, soul, and catalyst, and they, while not necessarily sewn into my brain through the electrical impulses we call thought, are far more permanent and portable and just public than anything I have ever encountered before. 
How marvelous. How insignificant. How so very necessary to keep my sanity. I may not have been born with the gift of literacy, but good God I'm so thankful that my hominid mind has the capacity for something as complicated and abstract as recognizing little squiggles as individual animations for sounds and numbers and concepts.
If I were in a place where such squiggles did not exist, was not allowed to learn of such squiggles, or could not learn of such squiggles, I would be so very, very, very filled with crushing despair. If I could not compensate for my lack of phonetics, I would be dead.
Thank you for being my voice when oth
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Mature content
the agitated pensive :iconaurora-celest:aurora-celest 0 0


Night Themed Custom Box Skin by WithoutCommonSense Night Themed Custom Box Skin :iconwithoutcommonsense:WithoutCommonSense 1,823 156 MLP - Luna by nyausi MLP - Luna :iconnyausi:nyausi 700 35 Aeolian dance by wlop Aeolian dance :iconwlop:wlop 14,533 257 Guard by wlop Guard :iconwlop:wlop 45,405 2,346 Sadness by JennieOo Sadness :iconjennieoo:JennieOo 215 14 MLP : Discord and Fluttershy by AquaGalaxy MLP : Discord and Fluttershy :iconaquagalaxy:AquaGalaxy 1,160 72 Fluttershy not being assertive by RedPandaPony Fluttershy not being assertive :iconredpandapony:RedPandaPony 218 12 Beatnik Rarity by Jiayi Beatnik Rarity :iconjiayi:Jiayi 2,891 183 Friendship is Magic by Jiayi Friendship is Magic :iconjiayi:Jiayi 27,795 5,405 la magie de la nature by kim-e-sens la magie de la nature :iconkim-e-sens:kim-e-sens 366 17 Good Sunday by Dedina89 Good Sunday :icondedina89:Dedina89 298 37 HubCat by HubcapCreatures HubCat :iconhubcapcreatures:HubcapCreatures 1,135 198
Her fingers have pressed trees
into precise, practiced creases,
branched out their long necks
and pushed their bright,
dainty leaves into flight.
Silence and stillness spin them ever
so slowly;
a mere breath
makes them tremble.
They dangle in their quiet world
above, my scarce fraction
of a senbazuru, my calm,
stately companions,
my ever-present paper peace
hovering overhead.
:iconliacri:Liacri 61 30
Merry Christmas from Octavia by PaintedHoofprints Merry Christmas from Octavia :iconpaintedhoofprints:PaintedHoofprints 2,326 115 Commission - Princess Celestia with baby Spike by PaintedHoofprints Commission - Princess Celestia with baby Spike :iconpaintedhoofprints:PaintedHoofprints 1,422 164 Hitgirl by Horitsu Hitgirl :iconhoritsu:Horitsu 151 22
Some years ago, I had a terrible nightmare.

In it, my partner and I had four or five children, and I was pregnant with #5 or #6. 

(Having that many kids is its own nightmare.)

Well, WWIII was declared and Aaron got drafted, leaving me in charge of our litter. 

Before that dream, I never truly appreciated the struggle women face when they have children in a warzone. 

There were bombing raids, and I had to protect my children as best I could. There was little to eat, and I had to feed my children as best I could. There was death and destruction around and I had keep my children alive as best I could.

My best was not good enough for one of them. 

Thankfully, the dream fast forwarded through the war years. WWIII was over, our side won I guess, and my house was literally the only one remaining in the neighborhood; the rest had been destroyed during the bombing raids.

Aaron was coming back. I was so happy he'd  be home and the children were so excited to see their father again. 

He returned to us in an officer's uniform decorated with many worthless medals. He mumbled a greeting to us, but his heart wasn't into it, and his eyes had a distant, haunted look. 

The children immediately knew something was wrong. When Aaron's back was turned, the older ones came up to me and asked 'Mom, what's wrong with dad?'

His body came back, but his soul died on the battlefield. Simple as that.

But I smiled and played off the question. I wasn't fooling anyone, including myself.

I wasn't ready to tell them the truth. How could I tell them their father would never come back?

And then I woke up. 

From time to time, I think of that nightmare.

I can't let it go because it might be my future. 

The world is falling apart. 

Fascists are out in daylight and trying to gain clout. They've enjoyed some success.

Climate change is irreversible at this point, and the orange monkey dismantled our already weak EPA so whatever bandaids the EPA applied are going or gone. 

The tariffs and trade deals are decimating farmers and blue collar industrialists, i.e. the people who voted for the orange monkey. I thought it would be cathartic to see those fools suffer from their bad choices. It just fills me with dread now, knowing dairy farms and steel mills could go out of business. 

Many are saying a depression, one worse than the 2008 crash, is coming. Many predict the depression will happen in this year, in 2018. So many of us are already financially vulnerable. What are we going to do once unemployment goes up?

There's so many problems going on right now, I just can't list them all! Even if I could list them all, I can't talk about all of them because it's far too draining. 

And every fucking day, it just gets worse. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY the fucking monkey does something stupid. If it's not the monkey, then it's the fucking crony capitalists. If it's not the monkey or crony capitalists, then it's the fucking fascistic, uneducated troglodytes.

Someone on twitter said she felt like she was in the chapter of the history book before the maps changed. I agree with her wholeheartedly. I've read enough history to know we are in a gathering tempest and that tempest is going to unleash it's fury on us mortals.

I'm terrified of the future. I'm terrified I won't have the medicine to treat my MS or asthma. I'm terrified of the looming economic depression. I'm terrified of what climate change will do.

But I'm terrified my nightmare will come true: WWIII will break out and destroy everything.

The future fills me with nausea and dread. I can't keep talking about this, not right now.
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