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Mother's Day Sun Hat Present

Finished it with two days to spare!
I haven't given it to mom yet but she saw what it looked like before I got all the embellishments sewn down(took forever). The hat itself was inspired by a link I found when rummaging the internet for some patterns. The picture I found had a large brim but I couldn't find the pattern for the same hat. So I looked around for a pattern to the body of the hat and I found it.

This is the original pattern -->…

I had to alter the hat a little because mom said it was to tight with the 80 stitches on the head. So I increased it to 110 stitches (its defiantly way to much. The thing fits over my entire head). I then did a triple crochet instead of a double in the gold bands, adding an extra light yellow row between. Over all I think I went a little to crazy with the enlarging, opps. But It seems to have come out pretty well. The brim was made with the same stitch called for in the pattern but with a different stitch count to make it stay flat. I finished it in a shell/ scallop edging alternating a double crochet shell and triple crochet shell till the end.
(Also the has sitting on a gallon can of pizza sauce, lol).

As for the roses I used the same pattern that I used when making my rose bookmarks. 

These here -->  aurora-bloodshard.deviantart.c…
By this person here -->…

The two large roses have a solid color body (ones light purple the other dark) and are edge with the opposite color (the light one has dark edging for example) where as the three little ones are in some random shade I had left over from my cross stitching days. I added 2 large leaves to each large rose. I had to learn a new pattern for that because the leaves from the bookmark were just to small to me.

Large leaf pattern -->…

As for the small roses I put two small leaves on the top left one and one on the bottom right. I don't have a set pattern for them because I more or less had to whip something up while riding in the back of a truck. But I think i chained 12 and did a sc, hdc, 2dc, 3tr, 2dc, hdc, sc, ch2, sc, hdc, 2dc, 3tr, sl st, fo. 
XD I hope you understood that if you want to make your own leaves. If not just comment about it and I'll try and explain better.
Anyway the curly things on the bottom rose are called curly cues and I basically watched a video on of to basically make one and they winged it again to make the other three.

The video I watched -->…

I used Lilly's Sugar and Cream worsted weight cotton yarn in the colors Sunshine and Gold. Gold being the darker color.
The embellishments are a mix of dark,light, and some kind of shade of purple. The leaves and curly cues are all the same shade of mossy green. All are made with embroidery/ craft floss.

I wrote so much, I'm sorry to people who actually read the description DX
And sorry the bottom right picture is kind of blurry, stupid camera wouldn't focus.
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You always make the best stuff Kara-chan. >w<
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Wow you really went all out to get those extra details down! And those flowers really do make all the difference. 
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I did XD
I changed how many flowers I wanted like five or six times, ha. But I'm very happy with how my last idea came out.
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Well i like what you decided to settle with. As before they look great and I love the color choice.