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Crochet Hair Clips 1

So after making a bunch of flowers one week
you can see them here --

Mom decided she wanted some hair clips made out of them. And so I crocheted up a new set of Irish Lace flowers and some new Bobble flowers for her to try.
She loves them and has me working on two more Irish Lace pairs.

The Flowers themselves are made up of left over embroidery floss from when I use to cross stitch. I used a D size hook to make both these flowers, doubling up the thread because the hook was to large for it. The clips are just normal hair clips that you snap into place, idk what size and all.

This is the pattern for the blue flowers --…

Here's the pattern for the cream and red flowers --…

Yes the pattern for the bobble flowers is in Spanish, and the other ones in Russian. But do not fear! They show you everythign you need to know to make the flowers, Even with my horrible knowledge of Spanish (basic counting) and nonexistent knowledge of Russian I was able to make the flowers. Just watch the video before you try and tackle the project and watch it again as you work. It's what I did.

I also made Italian flags for mom
click here to check it out --
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I LOVE the blue flower! That is my favorite shade of blue and it's just an adorable flower in itself! All your hair clips are beautiful but that ones my favorite!
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Thank you, I love the shade of blue too, I only wish i had more of it. I bought it in a large pack of embroidery floss years ago and the pack has since been discontinued so all the pretty colors I had are lost.
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Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I would have been the kind of person to horde the yarn. I wouldn't even use it, lol. Just because I love that shade of blue. I love seeing all your crafting projects, there so cool :)
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Lol, yarn hording, It might happen to me (if i had the money to buy yarn that is). And im glad you like my stuff I'm hopping to make some things up to sell at some point, i just dont know what I want to do in bulk.