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Daisy thanks for fav

This is my new character called Daisy, she decorates her hair with a flower. On this emoticon, she is holding a sign and happily thanking you for your yummy favs (:

Daisy simple smile Daisy tiny smile Daisy bounce Daisy thanks for llama Daisy thanks for fav Daisy thanks for watch Daisy thank you Daisy you're welcomeDaisy happy meditation  Daisy excited
Daisy waves hello Daisy sleeping Daisy well done Daisy tearing up Daisy happy birthday! Daisy :3 

Everyone is free to use it as emoticons on DA, but if you modify it or share somewhere else, please give me credit. Thank you.
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Thank you for the use of your emoticons on DA

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You are very welcome I love your art
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Using, thank you
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Sorry to be annoying but how do you make these GIFs? Is it an app?
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don't worry, I'm happy to answer (:

I use Krita (it's free) but you can use any kind of software for digital drawing really. I zoom in really close and draw Daisies pixel by pixel, each part on a separate layer so that it's easy to move and animate it. Technically Krita has an animation tab but I don't like it, it's not working very well for me. So instead I save each frame I want as a .png image, for example this Daisy has about 7 different frames I think. Then I go to this site:

upload my .png frames and make a .gif
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Daisy you're welcome

I'm glad you like them c:
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you are welcome how do like my artwork
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Tuxedo Fav by wwGinger Thanks for sharing, I'm going to use all of these! :)
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i can´t put it :c
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Search for "daisy" in community emoticons Daisy simple smile 
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