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Daisy happy meditation

This is my new character called Daisy, she decorates her hair with a flower. On this emoticon, she is happily meditating. She is floating off the ground because of how zen she is (:

Daisy simple smile Daisy tiny smile Daisy bounce Daisy thanks for llama Daisy thanks for fav Daisy thanks for watch Daisy thank you Daisy you're welcomeDaisy happy meditation  Daisy excited
Daisy waves hello Daisy sleeping Daisy well done Daisy tearing up Daisy happy birthday! Daisy :3 

Everyone is free to use it as emoticons on DA, but if you modify it or share somewhere else, please give me credit. Thank you.
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Free Avatar - Anime Kitten by xxxThePretentiousxxx Wow! that is so lovely! I would Heart Emoji by kawaiiprincess2 to see more of Daisy. A mermaid version would be Awesome by Drawn-Mario or a rainbow above her, while she is bouncing.
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thaaank you (: I'll make more of her Daisy excited

I like the rainbow idea
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How did you make Daisy did you use a base?Daisy tiny smile 
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no I just drew her from scratch
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I'll predicate my day on this little Daisy. Primavera Suite 
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I'm glad to hear that! Daisy bounce 
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your little creations have flair & darling-ness.
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She's so cute. Nice work :clap:
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