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Daisy excited

This is my new character called Daisy, she decorates her hair with a flower. On this emoticon, she is flailing her arms in excitement >.<

Daisy simple smile Daisy tiny smile Daisy bounce Daisy thanks for llama Daisy thanks for fav Daisy thanks for watch Daisy thank you Daisy you're welcomeDaisy happy meditation  Daisy excited
Daisy waves hello Daisy sleeping Daisy well done Daisy tearing up Daisy happy birthday! Daisy :3 

Everyone is free to use it as emoticons on DA, but if you modify it or share somewhere else, please give me credit. Thank you.
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Ok my critique will be bref.
One single mistake.

the shadow when the arm are moving you should add that. and nothing ele to say nice gif.

everything else his ok.

By the way let me ask you a quesstion because we have a 100 words minimum to make critique.

what his the program your using? i am looking for one.
So you could help me out also.

still 32 word to go.

Hey what up and how his the weather where you live.
Here now his melting slowly and the weather channel alway do not tell the right weather. it going to snow it sunny, it going to be sunny, it raining.

Oh 115 word when i it the (5) so hope you fine helpful my critique and keep going nice work. XD
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thank you (: I can add shadows under arms.

as for what program I used... I'm not the person you should be asking for advice on this Daisy tiny smile  I wanna start using photoshop soon and some other professional programs, but for now I was just using paint and a few online editors, like Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
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These are adorable!
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Yayayayayayayyyyy!!!! Daisy excited Daisy excited Daisy excited Daisy excited Daisy excited Daisy excited Daisy excited 
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Cheerleader OMGsqueeeee.... :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz  Daisy excited Daisy claps  a cow can dance better than u  :aww:
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I love these ! Daisy excited 
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yaay, I'm really glad to hear that!
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Aurora I can only connect. Sooo sweet your Emoticon. Thank you for that. I hope I can use them.Daisy thank you Daisy thank you Daisy thank you Daisy excited 
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Daisy thank you  sure you can use them!
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Adorable!!! How do I use it in comments? :) 
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thank you Daisy excited

when you make a comment, there is "add media" button just below it. Click on it and search for "daisy"
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Daisy excited  Found it! 
Thank you so much! I had no idea that whole section was just sitting there! Is it new or have I just been blind?
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it's been there for at least a few years Meow :3 
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Looking at this emote makes me think of someone. o_o

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You're welcome ^^
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