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First, I keep pecking at LHaD, but it is indeed taking me forever to write the final chapters, having built up a gazillion flapping plot threads and grandiose expectations that I'm finding it hard to fulfill to my satisfaction. Also, my creative writing skills have atrophied while I've been slaving in the sordid world of freelance writing. (Epic melodrama does not bring in search traffic or income.) Don't worry; I haven't abandoned it. I want to see it through.

In other news, 2013 has been the Year of the Final Fantasy Marathon, thanks to FFI-V being released on iOS. I've been playing every Final Fantasy game one after the other. I've been chronicling these adventures in what I hope is an entertaining, snarky and insightful gameblog, Let's Play Final Fantasy: All the Spoilers, with plenty of fun screencaps. (Mirrored on my Dreamwidth account, where friends have been leaving some great commentary). As of the beginning October, I'm up to FFVII. 

Finally, while I've been terrible about keeping up with LHAD, I want to recommend a fantastic Final Fantasy X graphic novel being posted on this site by :icondippywerewolf: DippyWerewolf .

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Guardian: The story of Lulu's pilgrimages in graphic novel form.

Go there and read it. It's fantastic. It really deserves more comment love! I think most of her readership is on Tumblr now, where everyone reblogs instead of leaving feedback. But whether or no you comment, almost any FFX fan will enjoy it. 
Five years ago, I started Love Her and Despair, a game-length anti-sequel to FFX drawing on some of the great characters from X-2 while maintaining the darker, more epic-mythic-tragic style of the first game (and a lot more Auron).

During the course of writing LHAD, I've finished grad school, gone out and carved myself a niche as an online writer, and had two major surgeries, so the saga has been published in fits and starts. Will I manage to finish it by December 14th, the story's five-year anniversary? Probably not, but I'm trying.

A few readers have been inspired to create FANART for this story, and I am humbly in their debt! I want to invite any visitors to my humble dA to check 'em out, even if you know nothing about the story:

LHAD Fanart

Are you looking for great Final Fantasy X fanfiction?

Tired of wading through Mary Sues, high school AUs, and stories that are so OOC that you can't recognize the characters at all?

Here! My FFX Fanfiction Reading List!

I've selected a variety of different authors who also have other good fanfics to their name, and I've found stories focusing on different characters, ships, or plain old genfic.

Read 'em! There's some gems out there! Or please suggest your own in my guestbook. I'm particularly looking for a good Tidus & Yuna story to recommend, as I haven't found a show-stopper yet.
Two things.


The annual Genesis Awards for Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction opened a new category for FFX, but few FFX stories have been nominated. HELP! FFVII is a great fandom, but I want FFX stories and writers to get recognition, too! The deadline for nominations is MARCH 31st.

Please, check your favs, browse… , Archive of Our Own… , or ff_press on LJ , select a Final Fantasy X story that you think is well-written, and nominate it!

To nominate, go to the Genesis Awards Nomination Forum…, pick a category for your story, and grab the nominations form at the top of any thread. Fill out the form. If you don't want to join their forum as a member, you can send the nomination form to: .

P.S. Don't nominate any of mine -- I've received several nominations, thank you!  My goal is to see other FFX writers and stories get the recognition they deserve.

I invite you to browse my FFX fic on my LJ .

In particular, "Love Her and Despair"…, has garnered a couple "Best of" nominations, about 12,000 hits on, and has even received fanart… .  

Story Synopsis: Suppose Yuna had chosen the Final Summoning? Thirteen years later, Maester Isaaru must resume his pilgrimage with his brothers and Sir Auron. The Crusaders, Al Bhed and Crimson Squad will all be needed to combat a Sin bent on destroying the temples and avenging Yuna.

Pairings: Sin/Auron (sort of), Rikku/Wakka, Lucil/Elma, and a triangle between Nooj/Paine and Baralai/Paine.
So I've started uploading some of my old fanart and fanfic here that was originally posted on my livejournal. Enjoy!

The writing is far better than the art. I will stop apologizing for the latter now. Really.