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That's How It's Done
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Rydia and Rosa, Final Fantasy IV


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Snowcobo Head Shot

FFX Snow Sculpture

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FFX Map of Spira for LHaD

Love Her and Despair

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Congrats to Guardian Comic From Sassy!Flan

Final Fantasy Fanart

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FFX - 'A Season Too Short'

I'd love to live in truth and not in seeming. Do you want to waste time wallowing in your own regrets, Auron? Not really. I didn't want to die, either. She is waiting for my answer. The grain of our losses is much the same, except that, Yevon unwilling, she'll keep walking into the light when I have faded into the Farplane's shadows. Why does she reach for a fading candle to warm her hands? This woman is wise. She understands I am no hero, just a man driven by oaths beyond life's ending to keep plodding forward. She doesn't believe in legends. "Autumn," I say. "I thought so." She smiles coy victory. Only Lulu could make me succumb to s

FFX Fanfiction Short Pieces

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