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Lulu + Yuna: Sin's Return

Lulu and Yuna take refuge in a hollow of the sea-cliffs as a familiar silhouette cuts the bay for the first time since Braska's Calm began.

(Shamelessly borrowed Susan & Lucy as art reference).

Giftfic for Mintywolf. Um... Happy Birthday?

(I tried drawing something else earlier, but it just didn't work. So... have some tasty angst!)
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This looks nice, and I think this deserves a place in this group that I'm running: :icongentle-sin:

BTW, I'm actually a bit of a fangirl of Sin from Final Fantasy X.

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Oh, thank you! *goes to look* 
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I hadn't thought about it, but you're right, there's some fun parallels.

Except now I've got Aslan as Kimahri in my head. I wonder if he ever let the girls ride him when they were smaller?
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Heehee probably!  I can see him carrying Yuna around on his shoulders, especially if she was tired or too short to see things, and possibly Lulu when she was still young enough to enjoy it.  I think he would have been protective of her, too, when she was growing up.  Putting himself scowlingly in the way when she reached an age that boys were starting to take an interest in her.

I had a dream once about the four kids (Lulu, Yuna, Wakka, and Chappu) as WW2-era orphans waiting together on a train platform waiting for somebody to come pick them up, thought it'd make an interesting AU fanfic lead, realized that dragging WW2 into Final Fantasy is kind of problematic, and then forgot about it.  Somehow I didn't make the connection to Narnia until now, even though that is almost certainly where the dream came from. 
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Thank you!! :heart:

I really like the composition, with the ominous reflection of Sin in the pool and the rocks framing them.  And Lulu's protective stance over Yuna. :)  You're so good at storytelling, even without words.

I also enjoy that the reference is from Narnia, heehee.  I never thought about that before but it is oddly appropriate.