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FFX Map of Spira for LHaD

Map for my Final Fantasy X fanfiction saga.

Love Her and Despair is a dark AU sequel to Final Fantasy X answering the question: "What would have happened if Yuna had chosen the Final Summoning?" The story has been nominated for Best AU, Best Action/Adventure by the 2009 Genesis Awards.

Most places on my map are from canon, including "Wilderia Continent" and "Djose Continent" (thanks to this page for deciphering the Spiran glyphs on the game-map).

These are not from canon:
"Yocun Lodge" - My name for the Crusader camp in the gorge by the Calm Lands, now led by Captain Maroda.
"Mushroom Rock Lodge" - A new Crusader lodge built on the ruins of Operation Mi'ihen, commanded by Captain Luzzu.
"Memorial Gardens" - Monument to fallen Crusaders lost in that operation.
"New Home" - The Al Bhed have rebuilt around the ruins of Baaj Temple.

RESOURCES CREDIT: this paper texture by ~Insan-stock; another paper texture by Bruno's Honeypot (defunct graphics website)
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I now need to read this fanfic!
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Amazing Map, I am going to read your fic Lover Her and Despair when I get home! :D
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wow,and who did Yuna use as her Fayth?
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Funny you should ask...

YouTube Fanvid: Lulu's Sin
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that was cool,and where can I read about it
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You can read Love Her and Despair here on Archive of Our Own (that's the illustrated version) or here on (no pictures).
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