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FFX Fanart - Nooj and Paine

By auronlu
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Illustration for my Final Fantasy fanfiction epic, "Love Her and Despair."

In this alternate universe future, Paine abandons her past and her old name and takes a new one. She becomes the Captain of the Guard at Bevelle, leader of the warrior monks.

Thirteen years later, she and Nooj finally bump into each other again.

I used Nectar's lovely Paine "thief" cosplay as a reference, with modified armor based on the warrior monks in FFX.

Here's the scene this picture illustrates (chapter 36, set on Lake Macalania):

Juno gave him a chance to catch his breath before demanding, "Does Baralai know you're here?"


"So. What are you doing here?"

"Wanting to talk." He raised his eyes. "If you still want to talk."

"I...needed time." She hesitated, then held out the edge of the blanket. The odd lumps sewn into its layers were fire marbles, shining through the fabric like glow worms.

The simple gesture triggered a flood of emotion behind his eyes. He touched her hand— her gauntlet, rather; she was still armed for combat. Then, hitching himself around in the cramped quarters, Nooj leaned back and settled carefully against her legs. Greaves and knee-guards regulated the contact in a way her old leathers had not. She drew the blanket around both of them and resumed scanning the fog.

"Why didn't you ever try to contact me?" she said.

"I thought you were dead."

"Don't lie, Nooj. I heard what Shuyin said. You weren't sure."

"And if I had sought you out, don't you think he would have made sure?" Years of pent-up frustration lanced through Nooj's voice like a fish-hook. "If you lived, you were a threat to him. Gippal and Baralai, too, but you most of all. Sooner or later, you would have realized what was wrong with me." His hands clenched under the blanket. "I nearly killed Shinra a month ago, and he's just a friend."

Juno exhaled, breath frosting over his head. "Nooj." She cradled the name gingerly. "I'm sorry I stopped looking for you."

"You looked? Gods, I'm glad you didn't find me."
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Reminds me of Amano....I love it XD