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'Auntie Lulu'

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Quick illustration for Love Her and Despair, a fanfiction sequel to Final Fantasy X.

(Explanation: In this dark alternate universe, High Summoner Yuna chose to go through with the Final Summoning, accepting Lulu's offer to become her fayth. The plan goes badly wrong, trapping Lulu as Sin. The one bright spark in Lulu's existence is contact with Wakka and Rikku's 7-year-old daughter, whose raw summoner's talent enables her to communicate with fayth in her dreams).

Excerpt from this chapter:

"You know who I am, right?" Yuna said.

"Of course. My little patch of sun." Lulu breathed out, ruffling the girl's red-gold curls. "Yuna." She cupped the name exactly as she used to address their summoner, a prayer after every other sacred truth had shattered. Auron grimaced. He had expected to hear some tremor of– grief? regret? But no, the child who bore Yuna's name should not be laden with guilt or ghosts. "You were singing to me last night, weren't you? Or did I dream that, too?"
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