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Congrats to Guardian Comic From Sassy!Flan by auronlu Congrats to Guardian Comic From Sassy!Flan :iconauronlu:auronlu 4 0 Sephiroth: Shall I Give You Dis Pear by auronlu Sephiroth: Shall I Give You Dis Pear :iconauronlu:auronlu 8 2 Lulu + Yuna: Sin's Return by auronlu Lulu + Yuna: Sin's Return :iconauronlu:auronlu 6 5 Final Fantasy Tarot - The Fool (Bartz) by auronlu Final Fantasy Tarot - The Fool (Bartz) :iconauronlu:auronlu 1 0 Rydia and Rosa, Final Fantasy IV by auronlu Rydia and Rosa, Final Fantasy IV :iconauronlu:auronlu 5 0 Anima the Aeon, FFX by auronlu Anima the Aeon, FFX :iconauronlu:auronlu 0 0 Yojimbo and Daigoro, FFX by auronlu Yojimbo and Daigoro, FFX :iconauronlu:auronlu 4 0 Lulu and 'Yunie Jr' again (FFX) by auronlu Lulu and 'Yunie Jr' again (FFX) :iconauronlu:auronlu 7 0 Auron iPad Doodle by auronlu Auron iPad Doodle :iconauronlu:auronlu 2 0
FF5 - Captain Faris Fanfiction
The Princess and the Dragon
PROLOGUE / Chapter 1
It is a fact that the act of piracy is rendered ridiculous by the use of a dragon.
When I first dared to put my stamp on that venerable art, the opening move was a gambler's throw. I remember it well: how the salt air would sing with the tension of bows bending on both sides of a narrowing expanse of gray water, and -- ah! the tumult and spray of that scaled neck bursting from the sea just aft of the prey, the crack of a splintered rudder if luck was with us! Hydra's bugle-cry was our call to battle. What followed then was sheer poetry: a flurry of shot and bolts filling the air, the screams and the twanging of bows loosed in wild panic. Ahoy! To the ropes, men! Swing across, swords out, and have to! Be bold but merciful, my lads; we're after loot not corpses!
I was young and rash. A cog capsized in its haste to quit the field, and another fight nearly cost me my dearest treasure. Digging a harpoon's barb from Hydra's
:iconauronlu:auronlu 0 0
'Auntie Lulu' by auronlu 'Auntie Lulu' :iconauronlu:auronlu 2 1 Final Fantasy X:Lulu's Revenge by auronlu Final Fantasy X:Lulu's Revenge :iconauronlu:auronlu 2 1 FFX Fanart - Nooj and Paine by auronlu FFX Fanart - Nooj and Paine :iconauronlu:auronlu 5 1
FFX - 'A Season Too Short'
I'd love to live in truth and not in seeming.
Do you want to waste time wallowing in your own regrets, Auron?
Not really.
I didn't want to die, either.
She is waiting for my answer. The grain of our losses is much the same, except that, Yevon unwilling, she'll keep walking into the light when I have faded into the Farplane's shadows.
Why does she reach for a fading candle to warm her hands? This woman is wise. She understands I am no hero, just a man driven by oaths beyond life's ending to keep plodding forward. She doesn't believe in legends.
"Autumn," I say.
"I thought so." She smiles coy victory. Only Lulu could make me succumb to small talk in the grey hour before dawn, while our fellow guardians doze. "You come from Bevelle, where the leaves blaze brightest before they fall."
For a moment I do not understand, and then I remember: "Besaid has no winter."
"There are the storms. I learned most of my magic in the rain."
I catch a glimpse of the girl she was, standing at the edg
:iconauronlu:auronlu 5 3
FFX 'Djose Knights' Elma Lucil by auronlu FFX 'Djose Knights' Elma Lucil :iconauronlu:auronlu 9 5 Snowcobo Head Shot by auronlu Snowcobo Head Shot :iconauronlu:auronlu 2 0


Guardian: Page 119 by SummonerMintywolf Guardian: Page 119 :iconsummonermintywolf:SummonerMintywolf 12 11 Final Fantasy VIII Part 1 by C780162 Final Fantasy VIII Part 1 :iconc780162:C780162 109 14 summoner and guardian by oruntia summoner and guardian :iconoruntia:oruntia 207 19 Doctor Who: Fade Away Page 1 by ShawnVanBriesen Doctor Who: Fade Away Page 1 :iconshawnvanbriesen:ShawnVanBriesen 172 42 Guardian: Part Five Title Page by SummonerMintywolf Guardian: Part Five Title Page :iconsummonermintywolf:SummonerMintywolf 19 4 Guardian: Page 99 by SummonerMintywolf Guardian: Page 99 :iconsummonermintywolf:SummonerMintywolf 17 7 Family Portrait | Lulu | Final Fantasy X by Tarapotamus Family Portrait | Lulu | Final Fantasy X :icontarapotamus:Tarapotamus 48 15 Walk With Me by SummonerMintywolf Walk With Me :iconsummonermintywolf:SummonerMintywolf 24 3 Moonlight by SummonerMintywolf Moonlight :iconsummonermintywolf:SummonerMintywolf 20 7 The Arts of Venus by SummonerMintywolf The Arts of Venus :iconsummonermintywolf:SummonerMintywolf 22 0 Venus lineart by SummonerMintywolf Venus lineart :iconsummonermintywolf:SummonerMintywolf 1 1 Sunset at the End of the Universe by cirruscastle Sunset at the End of the Universe :iconcirruscastle:cirruscastle 16 5 Venerable Tree by cirruscastle Venerable Tree :iconcirruscastle:cirruscastle 27 9 The Keeper of Traken by ONTV The Keeper of Traken :iconontv:ONTV 14 12 Tegan by ONTV Tegan :iconontv:ONTV 29 15


For six years, SummonerMintywolf has been posting a Final Fantasy graphic novel on deviantArt, Guardian, a page a week.

After 221 pages of glorious full-color art and text, she's posting the final page next Sunday.

I became friends with her through reading this, and I'm so proud of her, and also worried about the inevitable postpartum crash after an artist finishes something to which they've dedicated six years of their life.

But that's not the point. The point is, it's GOOD. It's a heck of a story.

It's an AU retelling of Final Fantasy X from the perspective of Lulu and Yuna, including all the backstory and sidestory the game never had time for. It's Yuna's summoner training. It's Lulu's three pilgrimages. It's Braska's Calm (with glimpses of Braska, young Auron and Jecht.) It's tragic and stained-glass beautiful in the same way the original game was, with action and angst and characters one can't help caring about.

There's enough context you don't need to know the game or Final Fantasy to enjoy it as a graphic novel, or just to browse the art.

Go look. Guardian: A Final Fantasy Graphic Novel.

And please, if you agree with my praise, tell her she did good. Because... how many of us actually finish writing a novella-length fanfic, let alone illustrate an entire graphic novel?


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United States
Note: Lulu's Garden by cirruscastle was painted by cirruscastle as fanart for my Final Fantasy X au sequel, "Love Her and Despair".

Final Fantasy sustained me through a graduate degree in mythology. I'm now gainfully (not) employed as a freelance writer, with less headspace to devote to fandom than of old.

I was a Trekkie, Blake's 7 and Who fan in the 70s and 80s, Babylon 5 and MYST/RIVEN fan in the 90s, and Tolkien fan since I was an embryo. I was playing video games like original Might & Magic and Temple of Apshai before a good number of you were born. In the mid-aughts, I discovered Final Fantasy, and have filled in the gaps in my gamer education by playing and enjoying most of them. FFX is still my favorite.

My website below is my liveblog of a year-long Final Fantasy marathon. 2013: Let's Play Final Fantasy!
First, I keep pecking at LHaD, but it is indeed taking me forever to write the final chapters, having built up a gazillion flapping plot threads and grandiose expectations that I'm finding it hard to fulfill to my satisfaction. Also, my creative writing skills have atrophied while I've been slaving in the sordid world of freelance writing. (Epic melodrama does not bring in search traffic or income.) Don't worry; I haven't abandoned it. I want to see it through.

In other news, 2013 has been the Year of the Final Fantasy Marathon, thanks to FFI-V being released on iOS. I've been playing every Final Fantasy game one after the other. I've been chronicling these adventures in what I hope is an entertaining, snarky and insightful gameblog, Let's Play Final Fantasy: All the Spoilers, with plenty of fun screencaps. (Mirrored on my Dreamwidth account, where friends have been leaving some great commentary). As of the beginning October, I'm up to FFVII. 

Finally, while I've been terrible about keeping up with LHAD, I want to recommend a fantastic Final Fantasy X graphic novel being posted on this site by :iconsummonermintywolf: SummonerMintywolf .

<da:thumb id="331244786"/>
Guardian: The story of Lulu's pilgrimages in graphic novel form.

Go there and read it. It's fantastic. It really deserves more comment love! I think most of her readership is on Tumblr now, where everyone reblogs instead of leaving feedback. But whether or no you comment, almost any FFX fan will enjoy it. 


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captshade Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Loving the story, thus far. Can't wait for the final chapters. Maybe when you're done, you can put a happier ending on "Prisoners of Fate"
faer-windstormfan Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're amazing, seriously. Your stories are some of the best I've read and your art is wonderful. Plus. SNOW SCULPTURES? Not something you see every day.

I was hoping that someday, you'd get around to finishing LHaD... I don't want to bug you about it. Just letting you know you've got at least one watcher waiting anxiously for the end...!

Now I just need to get around to doing fanart which is the other reason I'm commenting and bugging you here today :3
auronlu Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ack, i haven't checked my DA account in far too long! 

Thank you. I canNOT let LHaD get stuck where it is now: I have bits and pieces of the final chapters in my head or on my iPad, but it's been jammed for so long. 

I won't let it end here, though. I mustn't. 

faer-windstormfan Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah! I was hoping to draw some fanart of your work.... I don't remember what scenes, but I guess I'll just have to re-read it to remember, huh?

I love pretty much everything of yours I read, so please continue your writing! Of special note is the bardic-circle retelling of FFX, that was so freaking amazing! I have the poem from the end memorized.

Please don't let it end here. Your work has seriously inspired and amazed me in ways I never thought possible! I don't necessarily ship all of the pairings you use, but the way you write them leaves me not really caring how I see them in the perspective of the game.
auronlu Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am always stunned and honored by fanart. :)

And MintyWolf is right: I'm going to see if I can devote NaNo to LHAD. 

(And I've moved away somewhat from the ships that grabbed me five years ago, but if they make sense, they should work as literary devices even when I'm not doing it just because I love seeing them together.)
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ChikiCosplay Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the favorites!
ArmarnaDelany Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for faving out lulu/Auron cosplay! The comments were much appreciated!
auronlu Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So was the cosplay!
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