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FF5 - Captain Faris Fanfiction by auronlu, literature

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FF5 - Captain Faris Fanfiction by auronlu, literature

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Note: :thumb156838080: was painted by cirruscastle as fanart for my Final Fantasy X au sequel, "Love Her and Despair".

Final Fantasy sustained me through a graduate degree in mythology. I'm now gainfully (not) employed as a freelance writer, with less headspace to devote to fandom than of old.

I was a Trekkie, Blake's 7 and Who fan in the 70s and 80s, Babylon 5 and MYST/RIVEN fan in the 90s, and Tolkien fan since I was an embryo. I was playing video games like original Might & Magic and Temple of Apshai before a good number of you were born. In the mid-aughts, I discovered Final Fantasy, and have filled in the gaps in my gamer education by playing and enjoying most of them. FFX is still my favorite.

My website below is my liveblog of a year-long Final Fantasy marathon. 2013: Let's Play Final Fantasy!

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Susan Seddon Boulet
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The Last Unicorn
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Babylon 5, Star Trek: TNG, The Avengers (Emma Peel!), Blake's 7, Old Doctor Who
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Loreena McKinnett
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Lord of the Rings, Book of Lost Tales 2
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Riven, Final Fantasy X
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writing, mythology, nature, astronomy, geology
First, I keep pecking at LHaD, but it is indeed taking me forever to write the final chapters, having built up a gazillion flapping plot threads and grandiose expectations that I'm finding it hard to fulfill to my satisfaction. Also, my creative writing skills have atrophied while I've been slaving in the sordid world of freelance writing. (Epic melodrama does not bring in search traffic or income.) Don't worry; I haven't abandoned it. I want to see it through. In other news, 2013 has been the Year of the Final Fantasy Marathon, thanks to FFI-V being released on iOS. I've been playing every Final Fantasy game one after the other. I've been c
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Five years ago, I started Love Her and Despair, a game-length anti-sequel to FFX drawing on some of the great characters from X-2 while maintaining the darker, more epic-mythic-tragic style of the first game (and a lot more Auron). During the course of writing LHAD, I've finished grad school, gone out and carved myself a niche as an online writer, and had two major surgeries, so the saga has been published in fits and starts. Will I manage to finish it by December 14th, the story's five-year anniversary? Probably not, but I'm trying. A few readers have been inspired to create FANART for this story, and I am humbly in their debt! I want to i
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Ahoy! Are you looking for great Final Fantasy X fanfiction? Tired of wading through Mary Sues, high school AUs, and stories that are so OOC that you can't recognize the characters at all? Here! My FFX Fanfiction Reading List! I've selected a variety of different authors who also have other good fanfics to their name, and I've found stories focusing on different characters, ships, or plain old genfic. Read 'em! There's some gems out there! Or please suggest your own in my guestbook. I'm particularly looking for a good Tidus & Yuna story to recommend, as I haven't found a show-stopper yet.
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Loving the story, thus far. Can't wait for the final chapters. Maybe when you're done, you can put a happier ending on "Prisoners of Fate"
You're amazing, seriously. Your stories are some of the best I've read and your art is wonderful. Plus. SNOW SCULPTURES? Not something you see every day.

I was hoping that someday, you'd get around to finishing LHaD... I don't want to bug you about it. Just letting you know you've got at least one watcher waiting anxiously for the end...!

Now I just need to get around to doing fanart which is the other reason I'm commenting and bugging you here today :3
Ack, i haven't checked my DA account in far too long! 

Thank you. I canNOT let LHaD get stuck where it is now: I have bits and pieces of the final chapters in my head or on my iPad, but it's been jammed for so long. 

I won't let it end here, though. I mustn't. 

Yeah! I was hoping to draw some fanart of your work.... I don't remember what scenes, but I guess I'll just have to re-read it to remember, huh?

I love pretty much everything of yours I read, so please continue your writing! Of special note is the bardic-circle retelling of FFX, that was so freaking amazing! I have the poem from the end memorized.

Please don't let it end here. Your work has seriously inspired and amazed me in ways I never thought possible! I don't necessarily ship all of the pairings you use, but the way you write them leaves me not really caring how I see them in the perspective of the game.
I am always stunned and honored by fanart. :)

And MintyWolf is right: I'm going to see if I can devote NaNo to LHAD. 

(And I've moved away somewhat from the ships that grabbed me five years ago, but if they make sense, they should work as literary devices even when I'm not doing it just because I love seeing them together.)
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