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green contrast action

:bulletblue: WARNING: This action works best in portraits and pictures similar to the examples. It might be too strong so have the original image handy so if its too strong for your taste slap it on top and adjust the opacity to your preference.

:bulletpink: Credit is required if you use it. Please link back to my page.
:bulletgreen: Comment/note me so I can see it. (:
:bulletpurple: Click Download for the action.
:bulletyellow: In case ye can't tell, left is before - right is after.

My first action! I made a couple of them but they kept messing up because it required duplicating the background layer but it didn't work and meh. :| Created in Photoshop CS2. I'm actually not a fan of actions because I think every photo deserves its own edit - but I wanted to try making one anyway.

Note me if you have any issues. ;D

Stock Pictures
first picture : [link]
second picture : [link]
third picture : [link]
© 2009 - 2021 auroille
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I would like to add your action to my showcase: [link] Is that okay?
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sure! as long as proper credit is given!
pretty. thanks for sharing
Kuu-Metsanhaltia's avatar
Good work... I like them all :)
And I love green :D
thank u for share ^^
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These are very beautiful :)
Simple, yet effective. I will definitely use them :D
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thanks so much! :hug:
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i like how it look on the first 2 pictures more than on the third one lol
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really? i actually used the last image to make the action. :XD:
pigswearties's avatar
yeas but im weird lols so maybe im just weir aha
auroille's avatar
:lol: It does look better on the first and second though. ;P
pigswearties's avatar
haha idk why maybe its just meh lol
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