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Generally speaking I'm not around on DA much anymore. I won't be uploading here much in the future and I'll let my subscription expire. I'll still be leaving this page here though and may update from time to time, just rarely :)

I am significantly more active on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts if you are still interested in seeing my work!

Twitter: @AuroCyanide

I hope to see you around!
VN Release: The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car by Auro-Cyanide

The road is long.

Two strangers sit side by side as night falls over. The car speeds down the open highway.

Without a soul around them, everything seems to slip away. On a journey to no one knows where, all they have is words and time. And that time is dwindling fast.

The shadows are chasing.

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a visual novel by Lox Rain.Shadows was made over the course of four days during mid-August 2016 and was released August 19, 2016. The game features two character routes and six endings. Recommended for ages 15 and up. Made with love and Ren'Py.

Shadows is pay-what-you-want, but you can download the game for free.

Content Warnings: mentions of suicide, killing, and violence, explicit language.

All the info and downloads are here on!

Lox Rain consists of Lorelei (Writing/Main Coding), Laiska(Writing/Editing/Sprite Coding), and Auro-Cyanide (Art/UI). For more information about the individual contributors, please follow the above links. You can also find us on Twitter at yanderepetitscygnes, and AuroCyanide.

We’ll be tracking the #shadowsVN tag on Tumblr/Twitter! Enjoy!

Where We Lay Our Scene (WWLOS) is a visual novel developed by Cyanide Teafor NaNoRenO 2016. Auro-Cyanide did the art and graphic design while Loreleihandled writing, programming, and sound coordination. 

The game features four character routes (varying genders and sexualities) and has 13 different endings. The game is commercial and is distributed via for $4.99. The game should take at least 6-8 hours to finish, on average.


Christian Marino has become a household name, what with his face and body always visible when you open a magazine or look out your subway train window. But now famous model Christian Marino finds himself at a crossroads. What will he do with his life once his well-known and much-cherished looks fade? Is there even anything more to him below the surface that everyone else sees? As he considers these issues of future and identity, he’s suddenly cast as the lead role in a film based on a bestselling novel. With fresh new challenges to face in an unfamiliar environment, this just might be the solution Christian was looking for—to more problems than one.

The main theme for this game is crossroads. Rather than having “good” and “bad” endings, each love interest has a friendship ending as well as romantic “A” and “B” endings. Neither romantic ending is meant to be better than the other.

For more information about the game and to download the demo or purchase the game, please see the official website.

The game costs $4.99, but if you’d like to leave us a tip, we’d really appreciate it! Comments, criticism, and cookies are all very welcome! There is also a survey you can fill out after finishing a route, which will provide us with important feedback that we’ll use for our future projects. We hope you enjoy our game!

tumblr nzf2jctNR91ulbmmzo1 1280 by crownwaltz

Hello everyone!

Today we are proud to open an Art and Fiction competition for Break Chance Memento’s release! The information for the competition is outlined below, if you have any questions at all please let us know.

Create either a piece of art or a piece of writing about Break Chance Memento with the theme ‘NEW YEAR’. The type and size of art or writing is totally up to you.

For art entries you will receive the story prize, and fiction entries will receive the art prize. There will be an art AND a fiction winner for each prize level (6 winners all up, 3 art, 3 fiction).

1st Prize: 2 Game Keys + $100 Amazon Gift card + Comic OR Story (at least 2,000 words) based on their entry

2nd Prize: Game Key + $50 Amazon Gift card + Full Coloured Piece OR Story (at least 1,000 words) based on their entry

3rd Prize: Game Key + $25 Amazon Gift Card + Sketch OR Story (at least 500 words) based on their entry

All work submitted must be your own or you must have the right to use it. It mustn’t be anything hateful or overtly sexual. The winners will be judged both on technical skill and concept.

Send your entries to by 31st of December 12:00am (UTC-6:00). Please feel free to post them elsewhere if you would like.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

BCM Website
BCM Greenlight

I bring exciting news! Break Chance Memento is getting very close to completion and as such we are looking for Beta testers to make sure it’s the best game it can be. I’ve finished all 55 CGs and the other assets and only have a handful of standalone images to complete and Lore is now coding the game together as I speak. The game will be fully ready for testing within a week or so in a near polished state.

We are looking for Beta testers who:

  • Have a strong grasp of English
  • Have the patience and time to go over the game multiple times (and try to break it!)
  • Are able to give clear feedback and follow-up
  • Are free in the next couple weeks to do the testing

Break Chance Memento is quite a large game so it’s very important that you have the time to do something like this. Active Beta testers will be credited in game and of course get a free copy of the final version of the game as well as any add-ons we do.

If you are interested please fill out this form with your contact details and other information!

We’ve also recently created a number of social media accounts specifically for Cyanide Tea that we both have access to. They are for major announcements and fielding comments, our individual accounts will remain business as usual.

Tumblr (in progress):

Please follow us if you are interested in our work!

Thank you everyone for your support, we are both ecstatic to finally be so close to releasing this game. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Lore.

Have a great day everyone!

Hi Everyone! I am offering GUI Commissions for Visual Novels for the next couple months. I have produced GUI for a number of VNs over the years, some of which where under strict time restrictions of Jams. I've been apart of the Visual Novel Community for around 5 years so I can assure you I am reliable and consistent.

Includes: Main Menu, Settings, Textbox, Choices, Exit Menu, Indicators (Click to Continue, Skipping, Auto), Save/Load

Extended GUI: $400 USD
Includes: Main Menu, Settings, Textbox, Choices, Exit Menu, History, Indicators (Click to Continue, Skipping, Auto), Cursor, Save/Load, Extras (CG Gallery, Music Box, Credits, Extra Page), Icon

Single Element: $25 USD
For example a Calendar or Glossary

Extra Screen: $50-$100+ USD
Based of complexity of the screen, for example an Inventory or Mini-game

SLOTS: 3/3 taken
Please feel free to still contact me if the slots are full, I will add you to the list and contact you when I am able to take on your work. This is purely so I will not be promising more work than I can handle!

- These commissions are for designs only, not programming. I will provide the designs as PSDs arranged in layers. For an example of such PSDs please see this link.

- Designs do not include full illustration work. If you want for example an image in your Main Menu then you will have to supply it.

- Payment will be half on commencement, half on completion, via Paypal. PSDs will be supplied once final payment is received.

- On the grounds of morals, I will not work on games that feature the promotion of hate, the sexualisation of underaged characters and other questionable content. As a whole I am okay with violence and sexuality as long as it's respectful. Please let me know if you think your game might feature some of these elements.


You can see more and larger example on the LSF thread!

Feel free to contact me for enquires or questions through a DA note, a comment, through the LSF thread or through email at I look forward to hearing from you!
Hey! Just letting everyone know I’m off to Europe tomorrow for a month! So this place will probably be silent from me. I’m not dead, just having a wow of a time~

I'll have to get back to working hard as soon as I get back!
Game Release: The Blind Griffin by Auro-Cyanide

It’s the roaring 20’s. Alcohol-loving Americans are chafing underneath the restrictions of Prohibition, but speakeasies have thankfully risen to fill the void with ill-begotten booze. The Blind Griffin is one such speakeasy in San Francisco, California, but it’s about to go out of business...because its employees are a den of magicians who are more concerned with their magical studies and experiments than moonshine! Desperate not to lose the building that has become their haven, they hire the first streetsmart guttersnipe they find with some experience to help turn things around, but could she perhaps turn out to be the strongest magician of them all?

This game has 10 endings and 6 CGs. All writing/programming was done by me, Lorelei. The art was a joint effort between Auro-Cyanide and RinslettuceNoyemi K was our music composer.

For more information about the game and to download, please see the official website.

The game is free to download but if you'd like to leave us a tip, we'd really appreciate it! The OST will be up for digital download/sale at a later date. 
Comments, criticism, and cookies are all very much appreciated! We hope you enjoy our game~

Saving Zoey is a horror visual novel created in 48 hours for #asylumjam. Play as Kelly, a girl who has to find her sister Zoey in a haunted house after hours with the help of a man who works there. Navigate the creepy hallways and uncover the mystery of the cult who once called the haunted house home.

Will you be able to save Zoey before the end of the night?

Trigger warnings for gore, violence, blood, guts in a bucket, and body dismemberment.

Download the game here


Art - Geckos, Auro-Cyanide, Chocojax, Railgun

Lead Programmer -  John Doran

Lead Writer - kaleidofish

Editor - r-bit

Music/SFX - Phrostylicious Productions

Junior Programmer - Nathan

Assistant Writer/Editor - thestral

Proofreading/Playtesting - Cirno


I helped out with a game for the 48hr Asylum Jam. I designed the GUI, did a couple CGs and finished off some backgrounds. Enjoy!

Taarradhin is a visual novel released by Cyanide Tea for Nanoreno, an event held by the visual novel community in which you create a visual novel in the month of March.

A seven-year drought plagues the entire region surrounding the country of Nishtif, leading people to wonder if their goddess Scheknt has abandoned them. In contrast, young noblewoman Neqtia has lived a comfortable life insulated from hardship and suffering. One of the poorer surrounding countries, Djedi, sends their usual tribute of natural resources and livestock to Nishtif in exchange for the larger country's aid and protection. Rumors that two attractive slaves are among the cargo intrigue Neqtia. What lies in store for her after the slaves are brought to live at her family estate...?

Taarradhin is a Ren'Py visual novel. As such, it is available for Windows, Mac (requires 64-bit Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.6 or later), and Linux.

You don't need a credit card to download the game. We decided to use Gumroad again mostly for the nice feature of being able to contact people who downloaded the game (for updates, bug fixes, etc). As with Nachtigal, however, you can download the game for free. All you have to do is put in your email address (Gumroad sends you a link to the game as well so you don't lose it), enter in a $0 amount, and then press Give. This will take you straight to the next page where you can press Download. If you would like to donate some money, any amount would be much appreciated.

Please also consider updating your graphic card drivers before playing Taarradhin. If you're having display problems, please check out this help page in the Ren'Py documentation.

If you play the game, please use the #taarradhin Twitter hashtag or Taarradhin Tumblr tag if you can!

Taarradhin is a visual novel done by Cyanide Tea for NaNoRenO 2014. As usual, all writing/programming was done by Lorelei while all of the art and UI design was done by Auro-Cyanide. Auro also came up with the story and characters this time around. The music is all stock music by Pierrot Lunaire. Special thanks to Kitty for beta testing!

Also, please consider subscribing to the Cyanide Tea newsletter!

Today I am announcing I am going on hiatus from visual novel work. I don’t know for how long. It could be a month, 6 months, a year or even forever. If I come back to it, it will be because it’s something I truly enjoy instead of something I have to do.

I have spent the majority of my free time for nearly 4 years working on visual novels and even though it’s a hobby, it has come to the point where it is a source of stress and frustration, something I do not enjoy as I did before.

They are games, a hobby. I need to step back and gain perspective and do something for myself.

I’m… not sure what I am going to do with my time now, so I’ll have to figure that part out. Hopefully it will be good.

I thank everyone who has supported me over the years, it means more than you can imagine :)

Just a heads up that I will be moving across the country tomorrow, so it might be a little while before I can get back to anyone :)
Nachtigal is a short otome game by Cyanide Tea. We have made it "pay what you want" in the most literal terms—you can even get it for the magical price of free. It's about vampires and has a touch of horror, but is mostly pretty fluffy.WARNING: This game contains a mild amount of gore in one of the bad endings, along with some violence throughout. (Trigger warning: suicide) Player discretion is advised.

There are six full-length endings, two dateable characters, and 11 CGs in total. As usual, all writing/programming was done by Camille, while all of the art and UI design was done by me, Auro-Cyanide.

For more information about the game and all the download/purchase links, please see the official website.

The game contains 1,483 dialogue blocks, containing 19,881 words and 107,864
characters, for an average of 13.4 words and 73 characters per block.
The game contains 11 menus, 140 images, and 23 screens.

Nachtigal tells the story of Miranda Namatgira, a bright college student who travels to Belgium for a holiday. One evening, she loses track of time while sight-seeing and becomes lost in the woods. Just as she's about to consider camping outdoors for the night, Miranda happens upon a hauntingly beautiful castle. She decides to venture inside, but nothing could have prepared her for the bloody sight she beholds there...or for the two vampires who capture her.

You don't need a credit card to download the game. If you do not wish to pay for the game all you have to do is put in your email address (the site send you a link to the game as well so you don't lose it) and enter in a $0 amount and press 'Give'. This will take you straight to the next page where you can press 'Download'.

America and other things

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 17, 2013, 7:27 AM
I recently travelled to America for just over 3 weeks. I got to meet my lovely visual novel partner Lore and stayed with her family. I meant Ayu from Sake Bento, Deji, Kitty and amazingly Py'Tom, the creator of Ren'Py. I went to my first convention and travelled to San Francisco where I got to see all the cool things including the Golden Gate Bridge.

In other news, I'm going to be moving out of home on the 30th of November. I'm moving across the country to Melbourne. I have a place to stay already, and it looks like I'll be able to transfer my job just fine, so my main concerns will be packing and organising all my stuff! I'm finally going to be a grown up *u*

In VN news, this is what my To-Do List looks like:


  • Sprites
  • Backgrounds
  • GUI
  • CGs (currently at 4)
  • Extra/Redesigns of GUI – In-game screen and time mechanism
  • Mementos


  • Remi's Sprite
  • Michael's Sprites (2 Sets, expressions left)
  • Owen's Sprite (Full)
  • Eliana's Sprites (Side, 2 Sets)
  • Background (6-8)
  • CGs (8-10)
  • Extra GUI

Nachtigal: COMPLETED!

  • Swan Grimoire (Concept phase only)
  • Character sheets for 7 characters
  • Refine secondary characters
  • World building sketches
  • Background research

You know what, I think I should take on another project. I just don't think I'm busy enough yet.

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Break Chance Memento: Demo Release

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 22, 2013, 4:09 AM
A brand new demo has been released for Break Chance Memento! This demo covers the first two chapters of the actual game.

Get information and the downloads !!!

Please see that page for all the details. We also put together these spiffy art and story PDFs that you can donate $1+ to download. Info on that

We would love to know what you think!

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I've found my writer!

Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 4:15 AM
I've found the writer who I will be working with on this small VN. We have been talking over an idea and let's say I am very excited. Between this and BCM I should be a busy little artist~

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I'm available to be an artist on a small VN ^_^

Journal Entry: Fri May 17, 2013, 11:17 PM
Last time I tried this my writer had to drop out due to serious real life matters, so I'm giving it a second go since apparently I can't be happy unless I'm ridiculously busy and since I've finished Culina's backgrounds, I am no longer ridiculously busy.

As a short introduction for people who don't know me: Hi, I'm Auro ^_^ I've been involved with VNs for over 3 years now and my work has been in 4, soon to be 5, released VNs. I've taken part in Nanoreno for the last three years in increasing capacity and succeeded in the time frame for each one: Don't take it personally babe (CGs and additional art), Ristorante Amore (All art excluding GUI) and Witch/Knight (all art including GUI). I work for free since that is my preference~

I'm looking for a writer to work with me on a short VN, think about the length of a Nanoreno game, 1-2 months work, 3-4 characters, 4-5 backgrounds, 3-4 endings, 20,000-40,000 words. I am of course flexible about what we do, but I do not intend to take on a long project.

I frankly don't care what the VN is about or what genre it is, I'm pretty open minded and my taste is pretty eclectic. I will be more attracted to things I haven't done before though.
My primary exception is I won't do anything that positively reinforces hate such as racism or sexism (for example a sexist character is okay, the game saying sexism is okay is not) and I won't do anything that sexualises children, so no shota or loli. Apart from that I'm open to cute things, gory things, funny things, serious things, gxg, bxb, bxg, gxb, alienxhuman, whatever.

I'm looking for someone who can:
- Write well.
- Preferably can program into Ren'Py, bonus points if you can program a custom GUI, bonus bonus points if you can do ATL. We can of course find a programmer, but in that case I would also like them to be involved in the story phase if they wish.
- Preferably knows how to deal with PSD files for sprites.
- Has both the time and dedication to see the project through. If you have worked on projects before I would love to know about them :)
- No feature creeping, I will fight you (ง •̀_•́)ง
- I'm looking to do a full project, so I'm not really interested in doing partial art work. I like being responsible for all the visual elements.

If you are interested, please get in contact with the story idea you would like to pursue and any ways you have what I'm looking for.

As an example of my work, I have the following:

Sprites: I have a range of styles and would always be interested in trying out something new if it fit with the tone of voice of the story ^_^


CGs: Only a small selection since everything is spoilerish.

GUI: I've only done one, but I look forward to doing more.


Projects I have worked on:…………

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Game Release: Witch/Knight

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 5:49 AM
Lady Knight Bethlyn, of the third rank, of the Order of the High King (just Bethlyn is fine) is finally near the end of her journey to bring Elisa back to life. She's finally close to locating the goddess of rebirth. However, it's not that simple. She has to complete seven tasks if she wants to do so. It may be difficult, but she'll come to find it maybe even harder. By the end, she'll have to ask herself: who is she really?


-Four endings
-~14,600 words
-~5 CGs
-Note: The extra stuff is to be put in in an update, and doesn't go anywhere at the moment! All vital components should be fine, though

Writing/Programming: Mink

Art: AuroCyanide (!!!)

Coding help: Camille, Leon

Semi-voice acting: Rikka

Idea bouncer: Cheerymoya

Music: Jamendo

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Game Release: The Elevator

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 8:11 PM
The story takes place in the fairly distant future and centers on a jaded, middle-aged detective named David Carmichael. Every morning, he rides a rickety old elevator up to his office near the top of a run-down building. For the last couple of months, he has met a young woman–Elena Cormack–every day in this elevator. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they spend the entire elevator ride in complete silence–but how will the relationship between these two people change?

Note: This game has a few instances of profanity and talks about things like murder, but nothing violent or disturbing is ever shown or described in much detail. If you can handle the text from the screenshots, you should be fine for the rest of the game.

For more information about the game, the walkthrough, all the download links, etc., please see the official website.

Ren'Py lint report, generated at: Tue May 8 15:53:22 2012
Statistics: The game contains 448 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 9,372 words,
for an average of 20.9 words per screen.
The game contains 3 menus.

Art: Auro-Cyanide (minus the rain BG)
Writing/Programming/GUI: Camille
Shout-outs: Kura for their awesome last-minute beta testing, all of Cyanide Tea's supporters, and PyTom for creating Ren'Py! :3

This has been a Cyanide Tea production. Please enjoy the game and please, please use spoiler tags in your posts.

This one is quite short, and I had a lot of fun doing something different with the art :3

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Ristorante Amore: Released!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 2:52 AM
Ristorante Amore: Game Release by Auro-Cyanide

Ristorante Amore is a free visual novel made by Cyanide Tea for Nanoreno. Everything for the game, excluding concept sketches and notes, was created in the month of March.

"Lily Kingston has just graduated from college and is trying to find a new job! Lost and alone, she's helped out by her uncle, who is the owner of a fancy Italian restaurant. She begins working there as a waitress even though she has no experience. Clumsy and yet endearing, she tries hard at her new job and is often helped by her attractive male co-workers... Could one of them win her heart or will their secrets threaten a budding relationship...?"

But let's just say that this game is not what it seems hohohoho~

You can download the game from here
The LSF thread is here…

- The prologue has 3 different endings. These do not count towards game completion, it's just that you have to beat the prologue at least once in order to play the post-prologue. (obviously?)
- The post-prologue has 9 different endings. Of those, 5 of them have CGs. However, you need to get all 9 endings to full-comp the game and unlock everything.
- The help button in the main menu does something different than the help button everywhere else. It would behoove you to see what the "main menu help" is like before and after beating the prologue, as the scenes you get are different. Once you've beaten the prologue, it's no longer possible to watch the prologue version of the "main menu help" unless you delete your save files/persistent data.
- I will be releasing the RPY files at a later date for people to use/learn from/etc. We just want the first players to not cheat. XD It's more fun that way!

Writing/Programming: Camille
Art: Auro-Cyanide
UI: The above + Lazcht of stellar-Ø
Shout-outs: Kura and Carosene for putting up with all of Camille's ramblings, Aleema for her amazing tutorials (without which none of our UI would be possible), and PyTom for creating Ren'Py! :3

OMG guys, we finished ;o;

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