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Mhoat: General Species Info

* This is the final anatomy update for mhoats and all mhoats from this point forward will follow this anatomy and info! * 



Mhoats are a species created out of necessity, the giant beings that are their home islands being reservoirs of magic. These draconic turtles move across the ocean feeding on the many fish and krill that cross their path and on rare occasions diving deeper to take nutrients from the ocean sands and rocks. Corals grow and encrust their bodies and varieties of fungi dig into and live a parasitic life off of these turtles. The turtles congregate yearly, their magic used to create new islands, young turtles to travel the ocean and replace an old one too overtaken with parasitic fungi to continue its voyage.

This was the state of the islands before the creation of mhoats, a product of one of these yearly congregations, the turtles created a pair of these small creatures that were meant to create more of their kind to feed on the parasitic fungi and keep the islands in good health. To their children, these mhoats passed on a duty to care for the islands, trim down the growing fungus that wished to feed unchecked. However, there was a balance to be kept as the mhoats needed the fungus to survive, the fungus needed the turtles, and the turtles needed the mhoats. So it was that with each year large groups of mhoats would migrate to the island most in need of their help. Much time passed and as more mhoats were created the two originals moved to places isolated for their kinds and became a pair of mythical gods.


Yel, Mhoat of Death

A pure white mhoat, the color of bleached bone and the white flowers laid on graves; while this mhoat can create equally as their sibling can they are often depicted as a the one who leads souls into the afterlife, a symbol of death in the mhoat cultures.

Myn, Mhoat of Creation

An inky black mhoat, they are often credited with creation, healing, and fertility; their color is all color and therefore that of abundant life. In mhoat culture the night is a display of this aspect when the black shadows overtake the land and the bioluminescence of mhoats and the fungi glow through in a rainbow of colors.

General Info

Mhoats share aspects of both goats and insects; they’re able to digest anything from fungi, plants, and even rocks. Their back limbs are the only true limbs with their front limbs being malleable and changeable as mhoats need them to be. For this reason they can move between a quadrupedal and bipedal form, replacing their front limbs from hooves to hands and can even sprout another pair of limbs.

Most commonly mhoats will use this for foraging, even going so far as picking specific food to produce silks of a similar color. These silks can be used to create fabric, build houses, and many other uses. There are even cases where rare stones and metals can be digested to be turned into special silks and mhoats that can produce these are looked upon with favor. It’s important to note that the color of silk doesn’t tie into the body color and rather the diet; body color is specific to the mhoat no matter the silks it may produce. These areas of color have another purpose, aside from being moldable and creating limbs on the body, these areas also glow at night letting off light the color of the area.

Important Anatomy Info:
Mhoats: Anatomy Update Sheet by Auriole

Mhoats are a closed species by Auriole, please don't make you own.
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I LOVE these 
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I absolutely love love love this species!!
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But can some of em still have little pointy noses bc pointy nosies are my favorite

Really beautiful though!!
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Oh definitely, the rounded look in more common but the pointy noses are still possible, Sprig even has a little horn/upturn to his nose uvu
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YAYYYY i love the little pointy noses theyre so cute! Im saving up for a mhoat so i cant wait to snag one ;//////;
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Awesome, I hope one will show up that you adore then >D
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Sweet baby <3
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