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Garret/Ian Hawke by Auridesion Garret/Ian Hawke by Auridesion
So, I've been revisiting my Dragon Age fan-fiction recently and I was inspired to paint my two Hawkes just because.  

This is Garret.  (Yes, my Garret spells his name with only one T.)  He's an aggressive/direct/occasionally-diplomatic-when-the-moment-calls-for-it mage.  The Garret from my fan-fiction doesn't actually successfully romance anyone — though he does try with Isabella and Merrill before both of those relationships crash and burn in his face.  As it happens, his appearance is identical to Ian Hawke — who is also a mage, but is otherwise witty/sarcastic/charming — with whom I ship Fenris because I LOVE FENRIS.  So, I guess, this is also Ian.

In my fan-fiction canon, Garret Hawke does not become the Champion of Kirkwall — his sister Aria Hawke does.  As such, Garret mostly focuses on hiding the fact that he's a mage by playing up the long-lost-nobility-and-newly-rich card and establishing himself among Kirkwall's up-to-do society and making a name for himself as the scion of House Amell.  That's why his hair and beard is so perfectly quaffed, because he figures he should look the part, yeah?  Ian, on the other hand, just likes to look pretty; he doesn't need an excuse to have perfect hair.

I also did a version of this portrait which features the iconic blood-swipe — check it out here:

Blood-swiped Garret/Ian Hawke by Auridesion

And here's Fenris and Aria:

Fenris by Auridesion Aria Hawke by Auridesion

Dragon Age II are property of BioWare and EA.

Painted with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and Wacom Intous Pen and Tablet.
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