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    I'm coming in on this because I truly do not get the stance of why so many people think the new design looks like a man. I guess it's modern that all female characters in entertainment have to be overly-sexualized buxom sex-objects, despite being 16- and any sort of lack of those traits means that character has to have a penis. because we're all cookie-cutter stamped same shaped people. She's got a strong-ish jaw, and is pretty flat chested, and has a little bit of muscle-y action on her shoulders. I don't see much else for this argument beyond this. so let's break this down:

1. The Jaw.

    It's typical design to have females with softer curves and lines, and curved, rounded jaws to appear 'cute'. In this redesign, they took some liberty with this. It's nowhere near a chiseled jaw-line, but is definitely in-between the two points of overtly-feminine and overtly-masculine. That being said, considering the rest of her face, she's got a little chubby-cheek, no defined brow-ridge indicative of female characteristic, and well I'd say long flowing locks, but that isn't 100% a female only characteristic either.

2. The Chest

    She's flat. Raise your hand if you know regular women who have very-little to no breast size. *raises hand*, I can count the number I know on one hand at least. one or two are well into their 30s-40s. Not everyone- fantasy characters included disregarding age- aren't gifted with an endowed bosom. Hell, if you want to be even MORE particular, gynecomastia, the disorder in males that produces breast growth in males, is fairly uncommon- but likely enough that you probably know a guy more endowed than She-ra here. Boobs don't make the woman, the women make the woman. 

    Additionally, there's an argument to be made that she's wearing ornamental or otherwise armor- one of which conceals any chest. as armor plates should do. as they're designed to deflect weapon strikes away from the chest. (conical breast protrusions would deflect blows inward, creating weak-points or worse, deflecting the blade right into the neck.) Or even more so- is it possible that she's binding, maybe? self-suppressing her chest to better pass as a male on the battlefield? this is all just guessing as we've not seen the show yet. 

3. The Shoulders

    There's women out there with the same musculature even in the acting world who pull this off a bit better. This is more of a clothing thing. these weirdo shoulder-spike cup sleeves don't help with the wide-ness appearance. making her look excessively shoulder-top heavy. There's not much more to go with this particular point 

    All in all; this argument is just silly. people are making these accusations like.. it's attack on feminism, or other things like that. In this day in age. with how quickly children are gaining internet access- AND LEARNING CONCEPTS. This show, which is going only on Netflix.. not a ubiquitous network like CN / Disney, means it's going to be limited to who's children watch it, aside from adults who will be watching as well. Let's just step back.. stop judging a book by the couple of pictures that were put-out way before we even see any footage, and relax. at the end of the day. It's a kids show. they'll likely explore some of these concepts anyways. 

EDIT: Oh- last second sorry, if there's a point i didn't touch on that you want to discuss, let me know! this is a discussion of my side of the development. I wanna hear all sides too.
yourcasualpal Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018
Not every female character has to look like a trap or a thot.Nod 
Mike-the-dabbler Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2018
Not every female character has to have Tomb raider boobs. :nod:
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July 18, 2018