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Starting to take advantage of some services out there to help drive me to get into animation, and work more on my artwork!


This gives people options, if they just wanna help a little, or if they're interested in seeing me progress monthly! Also helps with networking and such too. Going live in just a few minutes for Art Thursday!
I'll be going live shortly, working on channel stuff and taking silly art requests! Doing art! Doing some Pokeymans arts
Going live in 30 minutes, playing Elite: Dangerous!
fun bonus art stream!
Going live with some neat artworks!
Going live shortly with some Mario and Undertale!
Alright. some of you may notice some works missing from my gallery. I'm going to be straight forward- I've removed my "TG/TF" works. I've not made anything in that genre for a LONG time. While I enjoy other works from it still, i don't participate in it anymore, and want to disconnect from it entirely as i'm trying to take my artwork more seriously.. maybe make something of it. and to be honest- whenever i get favorite bombed on all of these old more or less fetish works- and see work that i put some genuine effort into sit with 3/4 likes from some loyal waters (thanks guys, btw), and little to no feedback kinda makes it disheartening. If you really wanna find these pictures again. they're out there on the internet still in some sites that i did not submit to, nor will I link to.

I'm sorry to those who truly enjoyed them for the work that went into them- but they are my works. If one of them was a commissioned piece by me, I'll gladly send you a download of the files. and you may repost/rehost elsewhere. Going loud! join in for some artwork, as I work on assets for my channel and draw shitty memes like Earth-chan, and more! Going loud! join in for some artwork, as i work on assets for my channel and draw shitty memes like Earth-chan, and more! Going live in two minutes!

Live traditional artwork, and some games!
Doing some character work, some old redraws, commissions, etc!

Join me! Re-doing another art piece. $5 sketch commissions are open